Acts2 will live stream the 2022 SBC meeting that will take place in Anaheim, California.

ANAHEIM, Calif. (BP) – For the first time, viewers will be able to stream the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting and pastors’ conference on smart TVs and other app-based platforms.

The new app, provided through a partnership of the SBC Executive Committee and the Acts 2 Network, makes the programs more accessible for those not attending the 2022 events June 12-15 in Anaheim, said Jonathan Howe, SBC EC vice president for communications.

“Streaming devices have become commonplace in homes and businesses across the world over the past few years,” Howe said. “While we will continue to provide a live stream of the 2022 Annual Meeting and Pastors’ Conference at, this partnership allows viewers to stream from basically any app-based platform. Whether you have a smartphone, Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV device or television, you will be able to follow along with what’s going on in Anaheim in real-time from the comfort of home.”

Jon Graham, a research and development video producer with the Georgia Baptist Mission Board, developed the ACTS2 app. “We are excited to carry the live stream of the 2022 Annual Meeting and Pastors’ Conference,” Graham said. “We believe this partnership will take us leaps forward in being a trusted provider and curator of content for Southern Baptists.”

The platform is available free of charge at and in-app stores. Previous SBC annual meetings dating back to 2012 will also soon be available to stream in the app.

“Ever since the original ACTS network was sold, Southern Baptists haven’t had a single source for Baptist-friendly entertainment and inspiration,” Graham said. “We want to make sure we provide a blend of great preaching, great teaching, great conversations, and great entertainment for all ages.” Additional faith-based films will be offered “for a nominal monthly charge down the road,” Graham said, with the hope of using the revenue to develop original content.

“We’re looking for more well-produced weekly programs from Southern Baptist churches,” Graham said. “We’d love to carry live events from other conferences around the country. We’re excited about future partnership opportunities with other SBC entities and hope to truly make ACTS2 the place where Baptists binge-watch.”

In addition to the annual meeting sessions June 12-15, Graham has plans to produce “SBC Coast-To-Coast,” an original program featuring stories of Southern Baptist work in the U.S. and globally. The show will air between the morning and afternoon sessions each day. Anyone interested in sponsoring the show can contact Graham at is promoted as “Great Commission television that’s authentically Christian and theologically sound.” Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and The Voice of the Martyrs sponsored the 2022 live streams of the annual meeting and pastors’ conference.


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