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“Can you stop hitting the bumps?” was an inquiry from a middle school student. She had fallen asleep on the way home from youth camp, and my disregard for her personal comfort had reached a breaking point. She collapsed back into her seat as I chuckled to myself about her apparent perception that I could actually control the condition of the road and the suspension of the church bus. 

This was a significant camp for me. It was my first. I never attended a camp as a kid or a student - not that I would not have done so if invited. I was just never presented the opportunity. It was my first camp, and I was hooked on camp.

Summer camp is a unique opportunity for kids and students, as well as the adult counselors, to pause their lives and listen to God. Camp eliminates most of the other noise in our lives and makes it easier to hear God’s conversations with us.

In thirty-two years as a pastor, I attended about fifty camps with the kids and students from our churches. Camp provided a unique opportunity to get to know them and the other adult counselors. It is amazing how much you can learn about someone when you are crammed into a dorm room trying to sleep. 

While our camps, Inlow and Sivells, host a variety of church groups throughout the year, summer represents our busiest season. Will you pray for your camps? The following is a prayer schedule built specifically for the month of May. However, you can carry many of these requests into June, July and the rest of the year. Join us in prayer as we look forward to hundreds of kids, students and adults starting a relationship with Jesus or deepening an already established relationship. 

May 1    Pray for our camp directors to daily fall in love with Jesus and the ministry to which He has called them: Clay Pope, Inlow Camp, and J Hammond, Sivells Camp.

May 2    Pray for the Spirit to prepare every student, counselor and volunteer for the message God has for them.

May 3    Pray for willing people to serve on cook teams.

May 4    Pray for our camps to be fully staffed, especially food service directors and summer student staff.

May 5    Pray for God to send the right person to be Inlow’s assistant camp director.

May 6    Pray for wisdom and insight for the staff putting together the programs for each week of camp.

May 7    Pray for the volunteers who will be thinning the forest, unwinterizing the buildings, remodeling buildings, and performing other maintenance and repairs.

May 8    Pray for individuals and churches that give generously to our camps so that we can fast forward some of our improvements. 

May 9    Pray for God to prepare the hearts of camp pastors to preach Christ crucified. 

May 10  Pray for campers who need to come to faith in Christ. May God prepare their hearts to be receptive to His love.

May 11  Pray for campers who need to reaffirm the Lordship of Christ. May God use this moment to dray them deeper in their walk with Him.

May 12  Pray for campers whom God is preparing to serve in missions or local church ministry. May God give them a deep-rooted love for the church, His Word and the nations. 

May 13  Pray for God to provide each church with the right counselors for their campers. May God use this week to form lifelong relationships that result in strong discipleship and mentorship.

May 14  Pray for God to protect our camps from fires. May the only fires at camps be hearts on fire for our Lord.

May 15  Pray for leaders who are weary and discouraged. For God to renew their passion for Him and serving His people.

May 16  Pray for camp staff, church counselors and leadership teams to serve campers with Christ’s love and kindness.

May 17  Pray for travel safety from home to camp and back home again. 

May 18  Pray for families to allow their children and students to attend camp.

May 19  Pray for families and churches to make the financial investment in their children and students.

May 20  Pray for leaders preparing StuCamps from grades 6-12.

May 21  Pray for leaders preparing Hispanic Family Camp.

May 22  Pray for leaders preparing Young Lives Ablaze Children’s Camp for grades 2-6.

May 23  Pray for leaders preparing Connection Camp for grades 2-6.

May 24  Pray for leaders preparing Indian Family Camp.

May 25  Pray for leaders preparing Father and Son Camp.

May 26  Pray for leaders preparing Worship4Life camp for grades 6-12.

May 27  Pray for leaders preparing Children’s Music Camp for grades 2-6

May 28  Pray for leaders preparing Children’s Mission Camp for grades 2-6.

May 29  Pray for leaders preparing Fusion Camp (a bilingual Hispanic camp).

May 30  Pray for leaders preparing Deaf Camp.

May 31  Pray that each church develops a plan to follow up on each spiritual decision made at camp.


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