Dr. Kevin Parker - 2018

Dr. Kevin Parker serves as a state missionary and director of media services for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

God is doing amazing things in New Mexico. From my office and my role among New Mexico Baptists, I enjoy a birds-eye view of His activity. It inspires and excites me. Of course, I want to share His stories with you.

- His people mobilized in the central and western parts of the state to provide much-needed assistance to people living on the Navajo Reservation. While people there battled the COVID-19 outbreak, New Mexico Baptists joined other individuals and organizations to bring food and other needed items to distribution points and made sure they reached people who needed help.

- On the east side of the state, Foundations of Faith chaplains are working with churches in the Tri-Area Baptist Network to reach dairy workers for Christ. Chaplains regularly see new converts in on-site dairy Bible studies and meetings. Local churches have banded together to help with follow-up. They have also prepared a donated mobile chapel that chaplains will use to plant a church among those who they have reached. Another church plant is also in the works.

- In Aztec, people are coming to Christ and coming to church.

- In Edgewood, in the states’ central-east mountains, new believers have been baptized.

- In the south, churches continue to assist needy and hungry people through food distribution ministries.

- In Espanola and Las Vegas, struggling churches are coming back to life. Some churches using online means to continue COVID-19 restricted worship services have seen attendance soar.

- In Santa Rosa, the pastor’s wife launched an online Bible study that has reached hundreds of people.

- In Roswell, church members have committed to help their church establish a new congregation in their city. They will form the core of a new congregation. The new church plant and its sponsor church both already intend to plant more churches.

- Across the state, God’s people continue to worship and give. New prayer movements are emerging. Though these days are unconventional, they are exciting times for God’s Kingdom. He is on the move. His Spirit is moving.

- In Mayhill, a crossroads community,

- Hispanic churches are organizing small groups to revitalize churches and reach new people.

- Vacation Bible Schools are emerging in creative ways. Churches are striving to share the Gospel with Children despite restrictions on gatherings.

- Through the hope fund, New Mexico Baptists have helped needy pastors and struggling churches during the pandemic.

- In churches across the state, God is calling men of God to serve in churches as new deacons.

God’s Great Commission ministry drives New Mexico Baptists. It drives our cooperative work through the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

The Baptist New Mexican exists to tell these stories and share the excitement believers are experiencing in various cities. As God’s movement shifts, so do the BNM’s stories.

Of course, the BNM has an agenda. Its writers want to do more than tell and educate. They want to inspire Baptist church members to engage in more Great Commission activity in their local church. While that happens, they hope that readers experience a sense of connection with believers in sister Baptist churches across the state. BNM readers are members of their local church, and their church participates in a larger Baptist family statewide and nationally.

State Baptist newspapers have always rallied Baptists for one another. Baptists are Bible believers and Gospel promoters. While they reach lost people in their community, they work together to support Gospel mission work in their states and around the world. They work together to support, staff and provide Gospel camps for adults, students and children. They work together to support disaster relief ministries. The support missionaries in their states and around the world who help other believers and other churches reach people for Christ.

State Baptist Newspapers like the Baptist New Mexican tell those stores and stir up people of faith. I encourage you to move beyond reading. Read the stories. Ponder what God is doing and what part of His work He is calling you to do. Plan to take action. Then, do something for God’s Kingdom. The BNM is more than a newspaper. It is a multifaceted news outlet online and in print. It is a window into God’s work. Do more than read the stories. Live the stories in your community. Let God make you into one of His stories to inspire and stir others.

Kevin Parker is editor of the Baptist New Mexican news journal and GoBNM.com, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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