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NASHVILLE (Lifeway) - B&H Publishing will released its most comprehensive student Bible to date with the “CSB Student Study Bible,” in mid-October. The new Bible from the trade publishing arm of Lifeway Christian Resources features hundreds of study notes, articles, and other tools designed specifically for students and young people.

“The ‘CSB Student Study Bible’ is the first of its kind in our portfolio,” Andy McLean said. McLean serves as director of Bibles and reference for B&H. “Its robust features are aimed at equipping students in biblical literacy and exegesis, leading to a greater understanding and faith commitment at this stage of discipleship,” he said.

A pressing issue in the church is getting students anchored in biblical teachings before they move into adulthood. Lifeway Research found that 18 to 34-year-old churchgoers are more likely than those 50 and older to say they “accept some truths from the Bible” but that “other truths from Scripture do not fit what they believe.” Likewise, 18- to 34-year-olds are less likely than older churchgoers to read the Bible every day and are the age group most likely to say that as culture changes, some biblical truths become obsolete.

But, there is good news to counter this doctrinal drift. In a separate study, Lifeway Research discovered that Bible-reading while growing up is the best predictor of spiritual health among young adults. That detail was a key motivator for creating the “CSB Student Study Bible,” said McLean.

“Early experiences of learning the spiritual disciplines and walking in obedience in the adolescent years of middle school and high school can be foundational in setting the trajectory for future discipleship,” said McLean. “Because God’s Word is at the core of that process of spiritual growth and maturity, I’m excited that we are allowed to come alongside parents and youth ministries to play a part in the discipleship of their students.”

The “CSB Student Study Bible” features a full-color spread throughout that includes 38 maps and illustrations, 32 charts, and 66 book-specific timelines designed for a visually oriented, younger audience. In addition, to study notes and book introductions, the Bible contains dozens of articles and essays, character profiles, “Know Your Faith” Q&As, and 99 foundational memory verses and “Essential Truths” of the Christian faith.

“Teenagers are actively developing their worldview, and the ‘CSB Student Study Bible’ will help them root that worldview in the truth of God’s Word,” Ben Trueblood said. He is director of Lifeway Students. “This Bible is specifically designed to help a teenager cultivate a love for God’s Word and an understanding of its teachings so that they may live a life reflecting who they are in Christ,” he said.

The “CSB Student Study Bible” features are also designed to help both churched and unchurched students discover how each book of Scripture is unique while also contributing to the overarching biblical narrative. “Perhaps the biggest challenge today for students encountering God simply comes from a lack of awareness of the key themes, motifs, teachings, and the overall trajectory of the storyline of Scripture in the minds of students,” said McLean. “It’s easy to talk about modern-day distractions that might compete for students’ attention, but what is ultimately going to challenge that trajectory is helping them see the truth, beauty, and goodness of the message of Scripture.”

More information about the “CSB Student Study Bible” is available at Lifeway.com.


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