Scott Bubp, a member of First Baptist Church, Las Cruces, was commissioned, by messengers at the 2021 Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, to serve as a missionary to Sao Paulo, Brazil. Bubp will be working as a church planning catalyst, helping Brazilian pastors and believers plant churches and providing training and spiritual support.

Scott Bubp has been working with the IMB for four and half years in Sao Paolo and will now return with his new commission as a career missionary in the field. Bubp was part of the IMB’s Macedonia Project which focuses on providing specific missionary candidates a fast track to career missions. The project allowed Bubp to do seminary, language studies, and apprenticeships wrapped into one project with the benefit that between the IMB and the seminary, it’s a free degree. Bubp graduated with a Masters of Theological Studies from Southeastern Seminary.

Bubp calls his role more “behind the scenes” than what one often thinks of when it comes to missions. His role will be to provide emotional and spiritual support and provide evangelism training to help raise the next leaders of Brazil’s churches. Bubp will also participate as a Globalization Strategist to find Brazilian believers who want to do missions and help send them out. “That will, initially, look like church and pastor training to help pastors be equipped to know what to do when one of their members express interest in missions and how to cast vision for mission,” Bubp said.

“For me, sort of the cheesy answer, the reason [for going to Sao Paulo] is the Holy Spirit leading. I, through college, did summer missions and then a semester in eastern Europe so I really expected and wanted to go back to Europe in some capacity. But when I was at a job matching conference, the Sao Paulo one just stuck out. So, I asked questions about it and really felt like that was where God was leading me,” Bubp said. Bubp also noted that he was excited about the team he had with the Sao Paulo assignment.

Since the IMB has commissioned Scott Bubp, his commission will be fully supported through the cooperative program and the offerings of Lottie Moon. “The fact that I don’t have to devote my time to raising funds allows me to focus on the work at hand and to focus on the gospel advancement,” Bubp said.

Bubp said that Christian Challenge played a considerable role in the entire process. Bubp got his undergraduate degree in Aerospace Engineering, but when he entered Christian Challenge, he was affirmed, and for the first time, he started to discover God’s heart for the nations. “God’s desire is so much more than just the people in my little bubble. God is worthy of the worship of all peoples and tribes and all languages.”

The IMB process involves trustees voting to approve Scott Bubp’s appointment for the final part of the entire 6-year journey.  “For me, I can only say it is an example of how much God has done in my life. To get to the point where not only has my church affirmed my call, the IMB trustees have now affirmed my call and to know I have a team leader that wants me to come back and continue working… it’s really an exciting thing. It has been a long process with very hard moments. This is my calling and what God has placed on my heart. For them [trustees] to say yes and to know all of them have said I’m suited for the role, it is all really an honor.

When asked what Bubp would say if he could be face to face with New Mexican Baptists that have helped make the opportunity possible, he replied, “I’m humbled that people would that that I am worthy of being invested in. I am so thankful for all the doors and opportunities that have been provided through state missions giving and Lottie Moon. I recognize that I couldn’t have done nearly any of what I have done without that. Even if you have never left the state of New Mexico and contribute to the state offering and Lottie Moon, you have an investment into the work that is being done.”


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