Family Game Night and Potluck

First Baptist Church hosted its annual Family Game Night and Potluck, held each summer. The purpose of the game night is to bring generations together to get to know each other better. Good food, good fellowship, and competitive games complete the evening.

ROSWELL (BNM) – Many churches alter their schedules and weekly calendars for the summer months. First Baptist Church, Roswell, was one of those churches this past summer.

During the spring, fall and winter months, the church's weekly schedule includes activities for children, students and adults. While children and students attend their scheduled programs, the adults attend life classes. 

But, during the summer months, which differ from non-summer months, members receive a calendar with a variety of activities for all ages. Members take the summer calendar home so they will be aware of all events going on in those months.

In the past, the church had scheduled a movie night in the summer. Though people enjoyed the movie, family members and church members barely interacted with each other as they watched. So, several years ago, the church began exploring activities that would help members become better acquainted with each other. 

About four years ago, the church launched Family Game Night and Potluck. The church says it was a success and has been anticipated each summer since. This event includes a potluck meal and fellowship. The church's hospitality team prepares drinks and cleans up at the end of the evening. Families bring their favorite games to play with others.

After feeding approximately 100 people at the 2019 game night, they sat around the tables and visited and children began to play with each other. Finally, they pulled out their games, and people gathered around the tables of games they wanted to play. Some games were familiar “old favorites,” and some were new.

The game night’s purpose is bringing the generations together to get to know one another. Some of the youth and children play games with the adults, while other children play their games on the floor of the fellowship hall. The night’s informality, dynamics, games and food have made it a summer favorite.

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