ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) – For the ninth year in a row, First Baptist Church, Albuquerque, honored three inductees to their Legacy Wall. All senior adults in the church were invited to attend the dinner, recognitions and program.

When attendees arrived for the occasion, they stepped out onto a red carpet, and valets parked their cars. They immediately had their pictures taken and were escorted to their seats. The church provided the dinner, which was prepared especially for them by the church's chef. Recognitions during the evening honored anyone with a birthday or anniversary, individuals 90 years old or older, couples who have celebrated more than 50 years of marriage, and the inductees for the year.

Inductees are people within the church membership who have left a legacy for the church. Each one is a long-term church member and has served the church in a specific capacity for a long time. Inductees may also be spouses of previous inductees. Sometimes, a husband and wife are inducted in the same year, as was the case this year. The church’s staff suggests, discusses and selects the inductees. The new inductees' portraits will be framed and showcased on the Legacy Wall at the church, along with the 18 other inductees from the previous nine years.

This year’s inductees were Gloria Potts and Ed and Linda Kolle. The church also honored at the celebration two members who had celebrated their 100th birthdays during year. The printed program that detailed the evening's schedule also listed the names of all of the inductees through the years. 

The program also included entertainment and a message to the seniors. A group of men from the church sang a collection of bluegrass-style songs. Matt Snook, First Baptist's interim lead pastor and also worship pastor, led the group. Claude Cone, former pastor of Monterey Baptist Church, Albuquerque, and former executive director of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico, delivered the evening message. He currently serves as the church’s interim pastor.

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