Childrens Mission Camp

During Children’s Mission Camp in July, 28 children made decisions. Sixteen children accepted Christ, seven surrendered to missions or ministry, three rededicated their lives to Christ and two believers decided to follow up with baptism. SN4714

TAJIQUE, NEW MEXICO (BNM) – During 2021’s summer, ten teens who served at Children’s Missions Camp demonstrated being “disciples of Jesus who live on mission.” Three of the teens had just finished a week at Worship4Life camp as campers themselves and used what they had learned during their work at CMC.

While supervised by adults, the students worked at CMC as staff-in-training, as junior counselors and as worship team members. Each teenager who served was active in a New Mexico church and attended BCNM summer camps over several years. From those two influences, they learned about sharing the Gospel and serving others.

Staff-In-Training. Six teenagers served as CMC Staff-In-Training at the camp they previously attended as campers. They came from First Baptist Church, Elida, First Baptist Church, Santa Rosa, and First Baptist Church, Estancia. They met before camp for training. Then, at camp, they came early to set up and served in various ways all week. They led worship in front of people and stayed up late to work “behind the scenes.”

T.J. Cathey, FBC, Elida, was the adult leader for CMC’s recreation times and its worship team. He said, “The S-I-T service opportunity had an important impact on camp. It is extremely important to train up the next leaders of the church. All of the S-I-T group did an amazing job.”

Junior Sponsors. Three teens served as junior sponsors at CMC with their church groups. Two of them had the chance to lead a camper to accept Jesus as his or her Savior.

Mark Morerod, First Baptist Church, Los Chavez, came to help his grandfather, Boyd Morerod, the pastor, and a group of boys from their church. The previous week, Morerod attended Worship4Life camp, where he was a part of the vocal focus group. Morerod said, “The time at Worship4Life camp and the idea of grace that I learned helped set the foundation for me. I applied that as I led at Children’s Mission Camp.”

On Wednesday night of CMC, during the invitation time at the end of the worship service, Morerod said he prayed and told God, “If you want to use me, just use me.” A boy from another church who stayed in his cabin came to Morerod and said he wanted to accept Jesus as his Savior, but the boy did not know what to do. Morerod talked with him and led him to pray and accept Christ. Morerod also spent time intentionally encouraging and guiding the young man during camper group times.

On the last night of camp, Morerod prayed again and told God of his excitement as he led one kid to Christ and that he would really like to lead another to Jesus. God answered his prayer. He said he was unsure about going to camp with his grandfather, at first, but now knows God had a purpose and used him.

Bethel Baptist Church, Deming, also brought a teenager to help with its group of boys. That teen had attended StuCamp 2.0 in June and accepted Christ as his Savior. During CMC, his younger sister asked him to help her pray and ask Jesus into her heart, too.

Worship Team members. Worship4Life camp also impacted CMC’s worship team. The team decided to add a Spanish song during the week, but none of the worship team members spoke Spanish. So, they asked Morerod and another teen from his church, Citlaly Cano, to help. Morerod, Cano, and another praise team member, Caden Lamb, First Baptist Church, Santa Rosa, had all attended Worship4Life camp. They put into practice the things they learned at that camp.

“It was so exciting to see these students step into their roles of serving, not as the “future of the church” but as the church - the “right now, alive and active church,” said Josh Faucett. Faucett served as camp pastor and pastors Emmanuel Baptist Church, Portales.

During Children’s Mission Camp, 28 children made decisions. Sixteen children accepted Jesus as their Savior, seven surrendered to missions or ministry, three rededicated their lives to Christ and two believers decided to follow through with baptism.

Children’s Mission Camp is a ministry of New Mexico WMU and the Baptist Convention of New Mexico. WMU’s mandate is “Making Disciples of Jesus Who Live on Mission.” Children’s Missions Camp takes place at BCNM camp facilities, which receive support from both the Cooperative Program and the Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering.

Melissa Lamb currently serves as New Mexico WMU’s president.


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