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During the summer of 2021, 425 campers attended several specialty camps beyond the Baptist Convention of New Mexico's three traditional student camps. The Mission New Mexico Missions Offering provides funds to maintain and improve camp facilities at both BCNM camp and conference locations that held 2021 summer camps. SN4655

Beyond the the Baptist Convention of New Mexico’s three traditional student camps each summer, it also sponsors several specialty camps. During the summer of 2021, 425 campers attended those camps. Sponsors and workers at the camps with the campers increase the total number of people hosted by the camps. Camp is a spiritual experience for campers, offering an environment for spiritual decisions.

At the specialty camps, 24 students and children trusted Jesus as their Savior. Another twelve expressed a calling to vocational ministry. Three children rededicated their lives to Jesus. And, two children requested Baptism, having already trusted Jesus as their Savior.

Reports indicated 36 churches sent campers to the camps. Not all reports listed the number of churches represented, making the actual total larger. Similarly, not all spiritual decisions made at the camp were reported for the totals above.

Connection Camp at Sivells Baptist Camp

Fifty-eight boys and girls, from 3rd grade to 6th grade, attended Connection Camp. The campers came from five churches. Combined with staff the camp’s total attendance was 73. One camper made a decision to trust Jesus as Savior.

“This year, despite the small crowd, the children seemed genuinely pleased to be at camp and demonstrated a loving, generous attitude each and every day. It was truly one of the best experiences I’ve been blessed to witness over the past nine years that I’ve been volunteering to serve. Many thanks for allowing this camp to take place,” Aaron said. He is from Calvary Baptist Church, Las Cruces.

Young Lives Ablaze Camp at Inlow Baptist Camp

This year’s Young Lives Ablaze camps registered 85 campers from six churches, over two sessions. COVID-19 forced the camp to be split into two mini-camps to accommodate New Mexico Department of Health guidelines. The campers completed 3rd – 6th grade before the date of the camps.

The camp saw seven campers surrender their lives to Jesus. Another five campers expressed a call to vocational ministry.

Worship4Life and Children’s Music Camps at Inlow Baptist Camp

Worship4Life camp is a student leadership camp with a focus on equipping students who have completed 7th through 12th grade to serve in their church. Ninety-one students attended the camp.

Children’s MusiCamp, held at Inlow, registered 72 campers, representing six churches. The theme of the camp was “Unstoppable God” from Mark 10:27. Children’s MusiCamp serves boys and girls from 2nd grade through 6th grade.

Children’s Mission Camp at Inlow Baptist Camp

Children’s Mission Camp, held in July at Inlow, had 119 campers attend from 19 churches. Sixteen children accepted Christ as their savior, seven surrendered to vocational ministry, three redirected their lives to Christ and two asked to be baptized. One of the attendees wanting to be baptized was a sponsor. The camp raised $1,200 and filled 118 backpacks with school supplies.

The Baptist Convention of New Mexico sponsored each of the camps. The Mission New Mexico Missions Offering provides funds to maintain and improve camp facilities at both BCNM camp and conference locations.

Kevin Parker contributed to this report.


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