Tanzia Prosper

Following a brunch, Tanzia Prosper outlines her book, “Gifts From A Storm” for approximately 60 ladies at the fall kickoff for the women’s ministry of Celebration Baptist Church, Rio Rancho. The group plans to use the book for a Bible study this fall.

RIO RANCHO (BNM) - Approximately 60 women of all ages gathered at Celebration Baptist Church, Rio Rancho, for its fall women’s ministry kickoff. The ladies, from several churches, shared a brunch, fellowship and corporate worship. 

Following the brunch, local author Tanzia Prosper walked the group through a “Scripture immersion” using Psalms 145. She taught them a process of personal prayer. Her seven-step pattern roughly mimicked the Lord’s Prayer recorded in Luke’s Gospel (Luke 11:1-4). Each step began with reading or re-reading a selected Scripture passage.

First, Prosper instructed the ladies to ask God to reveal some aspect of His character afresh. Next, she told them to implore Him to show them His will. After that, participants requested from God that He point out their need(s) for that day. In step four, with Prosper’s guidance, the ladies invited God to uncover personal sins and help them confess, repent of them. They also forgave individuals who had wronged them. In step five, those participating asked God to show them how Satan was tempting them. Step six included a request of wisdom to help each individual understand her need for deliverance. Finally, Prosper had everyone pray through anything God had revealed through previous steps.

Prosper explained that the process spans typically a full week, not a few minutes. She said her presentation intended to introduce the ideas and provide a brief first experience. She called it “practice.” The “practice” allowed each woman to become familiar with the study method that they will be using this fall as they read of Prosper’s books. The women plan to read her book, Gifts from a Storm, and meditate on Jonah together while they study Jonah’s prophecies. 

Prosper moved to New Mexico in 2005, partially due to Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. She and her husband, Felton, live in Rio Rancho with their three children. 

Her book, Gifts from a Storm, chronicles God’s work in her life through the hurricane and some personal “storms.” It follows the storyline of Jonah, drawing parallels between her life and the prophet’s experiences. Individuals seeking information about the Bible study or Prosper’s book can contact Celebration Baptist Church at 505-994-0430 or jmcgee@celebratechrist.net.

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