Sandra Wisdom-Martin

File Photo. Sandy Wisdom-Martin, executive director and treasurer of the Woman's Missionary Union (WMU), speaks uring the opening session of the 2017 WMU annual meeting in Phoenix.

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (BP) -  Iron Stream Media, WMU and the WMU Foundation are offering curated boxes of books to send to those isolated in senior care facilities, hospice centers, hospitals and seniors sheltering in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The joint initiative, Honor 6:2, is based on Eph. 6:2: "Honor your father and mother."

According to John Herring, CEO of Iron Stream Media, one of Iron Stream's subcontractors asked if she could order a couple of boxes of books to send to local elder care facilities. She planted the seed.

"I thought it was a great idea," Herring reflected, "and the thought came into my heart early the next morning that we could expand on her idea. As I was praying, I was thinking of what it must be like to have read everything on the shelf and longing for a new book to read.

"We have a warehouse full of books to read," he continued. "Many of our parents and grandparents have more time on their hands than ever. Visitations may not be possible, but we can gift inspiring books to them to help them grow in their spiritual walk with the Lord. Gifting a box of books is a way of showing deserved honor to our parents and grandparents. I pray each recipient will receive joy from knowing that we remember and honor them and enjoy having a new book to read."

Each box contains titles from three categories. The categories are Bible studies, Christian living, and Christian fiction. Also included is a copy of Your Pain is Changing You. Dr. David Crosby, pastor emeritus of First Baptist Church New Orleans, wrote the book. It was written predominantly out of his painful experience from Hurricane Katrina.

All curated books are new and free. The only associated costs are for shipping and handling. To gift a box, go to, select a box size, indicate where to ship it, and provide payment information. Boxes of books are available in four sizes: mini (4-6 titles), small (7-11 titles), medium (11-17 titles), or large (more than 20 titles). There is also an option to donate above the box price to help support the Honor 6:2 ministry, if desired, through the WMU Vision Fund.

"We hope the hearts of those sheltering in place and isolated will be touched to know they are being thought of even during the chaos caused by COVID-19," said Sandy Wisdom-Martin, executive director of national WMU. "We want them to be assured that God loves them and cares about them, and we pray they are encouraged as God strengthens their faith and enables them to overcome challenges they may face.

"Everything we do is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ," she continued. "We pray in each circumstance, God will be honored."

David George, president of the WMU Foundation, added, "We are always honored and privileged to work with WMU and her ministry partners. This effort to honor our elder loved ones during the novel coronavirus pandemic is a perfect example of one of the many ways we can partner together and help others."

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