Central Baptist Church, Clovis

Reports indicated that Central Baptist Church, Clovis, exceeded its 2020 Lottie Moon Offering goal three-fold. The church was still collecting the offering as of this report.


CLOVIS (BNM) – Central Baptist Church, Clovis exceeded its Lottie Moon Christmas Offering goal within a week of reaching the original goal. Financial reports showed that the church reached the original goal of $42,000 by Jan. 3. By Jan. 10, the offering recorded $123,511 in donations. This amount almost tripled the initial goal.

The goal of $42,000 for the offering was the same amount set for the missions offering the year before. The church followed the same procedure as in the past when promoting the offering. No additional promotion explained the large increase in giving for 2020. Each year, when the church prepares the budget for the coming year, the pastor, Michael Kirby, meets with the missions committee to set the goals for the next year’s offerings.

Topping off the exceptional offering total was one large donation, along with those who donated faithfully throughout the campaign. The church was still receiving donations for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering at the time of this report. All monies donated will support International Mission Board missionaries around the globe.


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