Unidos en Cristo Baptisms

Iglesia Bautista Unidos en Cristo, Las Cruces, baptized five people following the church’s participation in the Baptist Convention of New Mexico’s spring simultaneous revivals last year. SN6920

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - Seventeen churches are slated to participate in the Spring 2023 Simultaneous Evangelistic Events coordinated by the Baptist Convention of New Mexico’s People Groups Team

The campaign challenges churches to think creatively about evangelism in their communities and plan activities beyond traditional preaching revivals.

Ricardo Rivera, the Baptist Convention of New Mexico’s People Groups team leader, and the convention’s southern New Mexico Hispanic strategist, Mario Navarro, coordinated the campaign.

Each church commits to an evangelistic project and receives $500 from BCNM Cooperative Program funds. As part of the campaign, the churches share the Gospel. Afterward, they report their results – specifically, the number of lost people who attended, how they presented the Gospel, follow-up plans, and the number of spiritual decisions made at the events. The Baptist New Mexican will report the numeric results of the combined events when they become available.

Completed Events

Iglesia Bautista Buenas Nuevas, Las Cruces, held two evangelistic events on February 25 and March 25. Its women’s ministry had two breakfasts called “Each One Bring One.” The Gospel was shared, breakfast provided and daycare was offered. CP funds helped purchase food and materials. Follow-up is taking place for those who made professions of faith.

Mesilla Valley Baptist Church, Mesilla, held an evangelistic family conference on April 4. The conference for all ages included a meal, music, Gospel message and breakout sessions. CP funds purchased food, awards, flyers and assisted speakers. The church will follow-up with those who made professions of faith.

Iglesia Celebracion Cristiana, Hobbs, held a family evangelistic event the week before Easter, April 2-9. They used CP funds to cover food, material and other costs. The church is following-up with those who attended or made professions of faith.

Iglesia Bautista El Divino Salvador, Portales, offered a traditional revival with a guest evangelist April 7-9. Before the event, the church prayed and visited neighborhood homes. A meal was planned for the event’s final day. The church used CP money from the BCNM for food, promotion and the guest speaker. The church committed to following-up on visitors and those making a profession of faith.

Iglesia Bautista Nuevas Alturas, Albuquerque, offered an Easter Evangelistic Event, March 18-April 9, plus special resurrection activities that included a musical and a meal, on Saturday and Sunday, April 8-9. The church offered its members evangelistic training and witnessing opportunities. CP funds were used for promotional material and food. The church committed to follow-up visits and providing discipleship for new believers.

Vietnamese Baptist Church, Albuquerque, offered an evangelistic event for families at Roosevelt Park on April 9. It included a meal, games, raffles and preaching of the Gospel. The church is following-up with attendees. CP funds purchased food and prizes, rented a generator, portable toilets, and helped with security.

Iglesia Bautista Emanuel, Lovington, held a Women’s Tea Party on March 5. During the gathering, all were divided into small groups where they heard the Gospel and an invitation to accept Jesus. The church committed to following-up with attendees and those making professions of faith. Funding was used to purchase food, decorations, gifts and awards.

Iglesia Bautista Betesda, Hobbs, offered an evangelistic event from April 21-23. It included a conference on marriage, youth and a general conference for all. The church committed to inviting people one-on-one and through flyers. It used CP funds to support the conference leader. They will follow-up with attendees and decision-makers to offer them discipleship.

Iglesia Hermosa, Santa Fe, offered a traditional evangelistic event and a block party on April 9. They conducted one-on-one evangelism and registered all. They are conducting follow-up visits to offer discipleship. CP funding purchased food and promotional materials.

Iglesia Bautista Emanuel, Albuquerque, held an evangelistic event on April 30. Church members distributed flyers and business cards to friends, neighbors and co-workers, inviting them to their homes. In their homes, members shared the Gospel and began discipleship. New believers will be encouraged to attend the church and make a public profession of faith. CP funds were used to purchase flyers and business cards.

Primera Iglesia Bautista, Las Cruces, offered a four-day event on April 5, 6, 7 and 9 with a Christian movie night, a concert, a traditional service including the Lord’s Supper, and an Easter morning breakfast and service. The church committed to 30 days of prayer before the event. They promoted the event person-to-person and through social media. CP funds purchased food, promotional material and evangelistic tools. The church is following up with people who made professions of faith and connect them to small groups.

Upcoming Events

Iglesia Bautista Unidos en Cristo, Las Cruces, has planned a weeklong outreach event called “Growing Like Jesus.” It will invite people to the continuous church programs of Bible studies, music, languages, chess, learning martial arts, and tutoring. The church will emphasize sharing the Gospel all week. Individuals making professions of faith will be connected with the Gospel Project Bible classes.

Iglesia Bautista Maranatha, Clovis, will conduct a special evangelistic service with games and food. Members will visit door-to-door to invite the community and share the Gospel before the event. The church committed to conducting follow-up visits to attendees and those who make professions of faith. Funds for promotional materials, food and a speaker will come from the BCNM CP funding.

Praise Chapel, Albuquerque, will offer a youth evangelistic event “EPIC Festival.” The community will receive flyers and banners will further advertise the festival. The Gospel will be shared at the event. The church commits to following up on attendees and those making professions of faith. CP funds will be used for the event’s supplies.

Iglesia Jesus El Buen Pastor, Alamogordo, is offering an evangelistic event in the Walkertown area. It will include worship, kid’s activities, food distribution and a potluck. While distributing food, members will share the Gospel. CP funds will purchase food and buy evangelistic materials. Participants will receive information on the church as they register. The church committed to following up with attendees and decision-makers.

Primera Iglesia Bautista, Dexter, will offer an evangelistic event at two Family Dollar Stores (Dexter and Hagerman) on May 6 and 13. Evangelism efforts will include prayer, tracts, personal evangelism and Christian Survival Bags. CP funding will purchase bags, goodies, tracts and Bibles. The church commits to follow up with attendees and those making professions of faith.

Good News Ministry, Albuquerque, plans to offer a native language youth evangelistic concert. They will print flyers inviting the African Refugee community to the event and plan to provide a fellowship meal during the event. CP funds will purchase uniforms, equipment and food. The church commits to follow up with attendees and those making professions of faith.


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