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Albuquerque (BNM) — The Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is an annual offering received by Southern Baptist Churches across the nation. The offering was created in memory of the late missionary Lottie Moon, and is used to send and support international missionaries commissioned by the International Mission Board.

Each church sets an individual goal and then works to prepare the hearts of the congregation to give, over and above their regular tithe, to this offering. Christ Church, Albuquerque, did just that. They set a goal and worked toward reaching it. The church’s final giving total to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering was $15,505, exceeding the church’s 2018 goal by $505.

But, the church did not stop there. Setting another significant goal to support Baptist Global Response Christmas Catalog was their next mission.

The Baptist Global Response Christmas Gift Catalog offers opportunities through which people may donate money to send chickens, cows, goats or sheep or assist in building water wells in areas with limited access to material resources. The church’s goal was to donate a lump sum to be used in this effort – to help change a life.

Christ Church’s total giving to the BGR Christmas Catalog project was $12,689.50.

The church’s newsletter stated, “This radical giving to help those experiencing material poverty because of underdevelopment or crisis around the world is a further sign that the Gospel has gripped the hearts and wallets at Christ Church. May the Lord use these gifts of relief and development to show genuine love and point the recipients to the love of Christ throughout the year.”

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