ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) – Jonathan McKee, author and speaker from Becoming Screenwise Ministries, spoke at Eastern Hills Baptist Church, Albuquerque, on Sunday, Sept. 19. McKee’s topic was “Parenting Generation Screen” – discovering what bonding and boundaries look like today, raising a generation of “over-connected” young people. He spoke during the church’s morning worship service.

McKee’s presentation addressed the ways technology can distract a person from his or her relationship with Christ. He also offered a parenting workshop that included parents, to which children were also invited. The workshop prepared families to have later discussions about the topics McKee discussed.

Among the “pressing issues” facing people, especially young people, McKee described the easy access young people have to smartphones and screens. Depression is rising due to social media and YouTube content, he said. He also explained explored the access young people have to apps and social media on their phones. Statics McKee shared, indicated that some types of apps young people use expose them to mental health issues. COVID only made the effects on young people even worse, he said.

McKee urged parents to become aware of their children’s lives, suggesting that parents spend more time with their children and notice what they see on their devices. He urged parents to bond with their kids and not be afraid to set boundaries. Such boundaries include putting down parents own devices so they can know their children.

McKee suggested that parents limit screen time (even their own screen time), keep devices out of bedrooms at night, know what websites and apps children are accessing and understand social media and gaming hazards. He said, “Show your kids that you love them and want to be part of their lives.”

McKee also spoke to the Eastern Hills Christian Academy mid-schoolers on Monday morning about the same topics.


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