Mountain Valley Church Flooding

EDGEWOOD (BNM) - Several inches of water flow down a hallway at Mountain Valley Church, Edgewood. The church experienced extensive flooding to their facility on Jan. 1 due to a frozen valve in their building’s water suppression system, causing a geyser of water to shoot out of the side of the building. A neighbor who noticed the geyser then alerted the church of the problem. The congregation moved their worship services to Edgewood Elementary School for one Sunday due to the flooding. The majority of the damage was done to the worship center and the children’s and youth areas.

EDGEWOOD (BNM) — Although it was not an ideal way to end the holidays, members of Mountain Valley Church, Edgewood, felt that God blessed them through an inconvenience - a flood.

On January 1, in the midst of the blizzard that occurred in the East Mountains that day, a lady living next to the church facility noticed water gushing out of the building like a geyser. The neighbor called the church’s phone number to make someone aware of the problem, probably knowing that no one would be at the church on the holiday. But, the call was answered by a member of the church through a remote answering system.

Pastor Chris Promersberger told the Baptist New Mexican that a valve had frozen on the water suppression system, which caused a flood of three or four inches of water throughout the entire building. The first area that sustained water damage was the youth room that had just been completed. All of the children’s ministry area also received damage. The majority of the losses from the water damage were contained in those areas, with the exception of the flooring in the auditorium, which had to be pulled up to remove the water that had seeped under it.

Promersberger said the suppression system is about one and a half feet off the ground, so the frozen valve created a backflow out of the pipe that flooded the building from the ground up.

Church Mutual, the church’s insurance company has enlisted Central Flood Management, a remediation company, to extract the water out of the interior of the building. Promersberger said the company has been great to work with and has made quick progress toward getting their building back in working order.

Due to the damage, the church was unable to meet for regular Bible study and worship in their facility the next Sunday, Jan. 6, but they were allowed to use Edgewood Elementary School as the meeting place for that Sunday. Promersberger said the Lord blessed them that day with a great worship service - which was family-style - and a good crowd. He continued that “they went back to their roots,” because the church originally met at Edgewood Elementary School.

Due to the quick and great work of Central Flood Management, the congregation will resume having services in their facility on Sunday, Jan. 13, although with a modified children’s ministry.

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