Cerra Family

The Cerra family dedicated their baby, Eddy, during First Baptist Church, Alamogordo's, morning service on June 16. Eight other babies were dedicated during the service. (Left to right: Ryne, Jay, Jody, Sarah, Eddy).

ALAMOGORDO (BNM) – First Baptist Church, Alamogordo, dedicated nine babies in their morning service on Father’s Day, June 16. 

Pastor Kyle Bueermann described the ceremony as a “parent commissioning,” where the church prayed for the parents and Bueermann reminded them of their responsibility to Gospel-based instruction as commanded in Deuteronomy 6:4-9. Additionally, the church provided New Testaments for the dedicated children. At its core, the dedication was simply a time for the church to pray for families, Bueermann said.

According to him, most churches opt to perform such dedications on Mother’s Day, but he felt doing the dedication on Father’s Day would bring a different perspective, since God charges the father to be the spiritual leader of his family. “It was a really neat moment in the life of our church,” said Bueermann about the dedication. Since families in the church have had few babies in the last five to seven years, he said seeing nine babies dedicated at once was like “seeing the church come back to life.”

The families who had not experienced a baby dedication had some questions about the process, according to Bueermann. He said once they learned the dedication was a time of prayer and commission, the families were excited to participate.

Sarah Cerra dedicated her baby, Eddy, at the event. For Cerra, the dedication was an opportunity to “let everybody know that [they] plan to raise this baby in Christ,” but it was also an opportunity to ask for help from the church in raising him. Cerra said her baby was the last in the group to be dedicated, and that she enjoyed watching all the families before her make the commitment. “It was really cool to have all those families grow at the same time,” she said. Cerra and her family have been attending First Baptist for about five years. 

Drew Stevens is a news management intern with the Baptist New Mexican news journal and GoBNM.com, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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