he Praise Team of Amazing Grace Fellowship

The Praise Team of Amazing Grace Fellowship, Espanola, was recently invited to perform, along with five other praise teams, at a citywide prayer event at Espanola Plaza. Organized by the Prayer Warriors of Espanola, the event was specifically held for the purpose of praying for the city.

ESPANOLA (BNM) - Espanola’s Amazing Grace Fellowship Praise Band was recently asked to perform with other praise bands from various churches in Espanola for a citywide event.

The Prayer Warriors of Espanola organized the event at Espanola Plaza for the specific purpose of praying for the city, its residents, the removal of drugs and alcohol, domestic violence and crime. The Prayer Warriors of Espanola faithfully meet weekly to pray for the town.

The evening’s schedule included prayer by local pastors, specifically for the city and its concerns. Following a time of prayer, the concert began. Performing were praise bands from five local churches, including Amazing Grace Fellowship’s praise team.

Approximately 250 residents sat in the grass or lawn chairs, clapping and singing along with the music. Dave Gavurnik, music minister and leader of Amazing Grace’s praise band, noted that everyone involved seemed to have a good time.

Amazing Grace has been without a pastor for some time. The well-established church of 60 years has had ups and downs through the years but has never failed to open its doors for services each Sunday. The congregation of about ten regular attenders cannot afford a full-time pastor at this time. Gavurnik shared with the Baptist New Mexican that the past few months have been a blessing in spite of being pastorless. Each week, a member of the congregation brings a message. He said, “We take turns giving a message each Sunday. It has worked out well for us.”

Gavurnik has been on staff for 12 years and also holds a full-time job. He said, “Fortunately, I don’t work late in the day, so I have time to prepare services and rehearse with the praise band for Sunday.” The praise band is currently working on a dramatic production for Christmas.

Gavurnik said when the praise band was asked to participate in the event, they were more than happy to contribute their time. The group hopes the Prayer Warriors of Espanola will hold another concert of prayer soon. The praise team is available for Christian events or revivals.

Joy Pittman is editorial and circulation assistant3 with the Baptist New Mexican news journal and GoBNM.com, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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