Curtis Smith and Family

Mary Jane (left) and Curtis Smith (center) pose with their daughter, Carol (right), at a church wide reception held on Sunday, Sept. 22 at Eastern Hills Baptist Church. During the evening service, the church ordained Smith to serve as a deacon.

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) – Eastern Hills Baptist Church, Albuquerque, ordained Curtis Smith as a deacon on Sunday, Sept. 22.

Smith, a longtime Eastern Hills member, had completed the requirements for becoming an ordained deacon. Accordingly, the congregation approved his nomination at a recent business meeting. Then, the Sunday before his ordination, Smith and his wife, Mary Jane, both shared their salvation testimonies.

Church leaders guided the ordination ceremony. Wayne Pittman, the church's associate pastor of worship and senior adults, led congregational singing and sang a solo. Michael Schott, deacon chairman, introduced Smith and his wife. Pastor Emeritus Larry Miller delivered a challenge message. The church's current pastor, Bill Connors, presented Smith with his Certificate of Ordination. Then, after the service, the church hosted a reception for its new deacon.

In his message, Miller referenced Acts 6 and Philippians 2. He shared three charges to the church. First, church members should do everything for the good of others. Second, they should do everything with humility. Third, they should do everything to honor and glorify God.

Miller encouraged every church member to serve God and His people. He also explained how deacons help pastors: They encourage, guide and advise.

Smith's daughter, Carol, attended the service while visiting. She conducts humanitarian work through the Southern Baptist Convention's International Mission Board.

Several members from Word of Life Church, a Russian congregation, attended Smith's ordination. Many of its members are also members of Eastern Hills. It meets in Eastern Hills' facilities.

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