Rio Church Mask

Rio Church, Albuquerque, printed face masks with the church’s logo on them, as an opportunity to raise awareness about the church. Other churches have also produced custom face masks for members and guests.

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - Several New Mexico Baptist churches are offering custom face masks to their congregations in an effort to abide by the state’s mask mandate. The masks also raise awareness about the churches and the Gospel.

Rio Church, Albuquerque, encourages mask use during its worship service. The church ordered black face masks with its logo printed on one side. It gives away the masks to members and guests. Rio’s pastor, Bryne Palmer, has encouraged church members throughout the pandemic to view mask-wearing as an opportunity to love their neighbors. “I think, in general, it has been a really well-received kind of thing,” he said.

The masks also provide an opportunity to raise awareness about the church. “We want to have people wearing them in service, but we’re also hoping they’d be able to proudly represent their church at the same time,” Palmer said. “Having your church logo on there, in my experience at least, has increased people’s desire and willingness to wear them.”

Paragon Church, Rio Rancho, created two different types of custom face masks. One mask has John 10:10 printed on it. The other mask features the phrase “America Bless God.” The church is asking for a $5 donation per mask.

X Factor Church, Albuquerque, also printed facemasks with its logo across the front. Pastor Luke McKinnon’s brother-in-law, Chris Wood, designed the masks. Wood, who goes by “Big Chris,” is a Colorado-based graphic designer and artist. A second design features praying hands with the phrase, “Trust God, but wash your hands.”

Daniel Porter is a staff writer with the Baptist New Mexican news journal and, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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