Bible in Lap

Use this tiny sermon for personal study or for a small group discussion. Journal your thoughtful responses to the application items. Tell a trusted spiritual friend how God wants to transform you. Ask him or her to pray for your success.

Scripture: Deuteronomy 6:6-10

Key Ideas:

Hiding God’s Word in your heart helps you avoid sin (Psalm 119:11).

God gives His people guidance on how to get His Word in their hearts. Teaching Scripture helps people remember it.

Talking about Scripture helps people remember it.

Jewelry and clothing with Scripture on it help people remember God’s Word.

Reminders around the house help people remember God’s Word.


What specific actions can I take to have God’s Word in my heart?


God gives ideas that help people remember what He said.

Kevin Parker is editor of the Baptist New Mexican news journal and, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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