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Scripture: Genesis 2:18

“Then the Lord god said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.”

Key Ideas

Leading up to this verse, God created Adam and the Garden of Eden. He is the Creator. He created man in His likeness for dominion over the earth. Next, God placed Adam in the Garden and assigned him to work and keep it. Last, He instructed Adam about what he could and could not eat from the Garden.

Early in the Bible’s narrative, God began speaking (Genesis 1:3). He communicated His unseen and unheard thoughts and will. At that time, God directly interacted with humans using the same voice He used to create all that exists.

Concern. God observed man in the Garden and saw aloneness. God sees human conditions. The Bible does not say that God saw man feeling lonely, only that He specifically saw man’s aloneness. Man was the single creature of his species - singular, alone. God had made no other corresponding human creature at that point. Man may not have known he was alone.

Man’s condition prompted God’s response. God is active, not passive. His response was the first of many responses he has made to man’s conditions.

Pleasure. God said man’s aloneness was not good - not pleasing to Him. The word “good” voices an aesthetic evaluation, not a moral one. “Good” means pleasant, beautiful, delightful or pleasing. God has stepped back to look upon the canvas He has painted of humanity and has seen an unfinished portion. So, like a skilled painter, He adds more strokes until it satisfies Him. He saw humanity without a woman as unfinished, though impressive. In a sense, man without woman was “not a pretty sight.”

Intent. God decisively responded and voiced His desire to create for man a corresponding helper. All creation, including humanity, began as one of God’s intentions, His plans. After all of His creation activity, He created one more time to craft and build a companion for man, a woman.

With woman God’s solved man’s aloneness. Her addition made humanity “good” - delightful and satisfying to God - like the rest of His creation. She completed humanity. She was not another man, but a different, unique complement and completion to man. Woman without man is similarly incomplete.


How do I regard the reality that God speaks to me and responds to my conditions?

How do I regard the contributions a woman makes to a man’s life and vice versa?

God created man and woman each from His intentions and purposes. How do I acknowledge and preserve His intentions and purposes in my own life and in the lives of men and women around me?

What is the church’s spiritual role in addressing human aloneness in individuals’ lives?

The Takeaway

The creation of man and woman revealed God’s concern, intent and pleasure.


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