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Use this tiny sermon for personal study or for a small group discussion. Journal your thoughtful responses to the application items. Tell a trusted spiritual friend how God wants to transform you. Ask them to pray for your success.

Scripture: Matthew 6:19-34

Key Ideas

Jesus highlights three choices that influence a person’s feelings of worry.

Fact #1. The things I treasure or seek influence my feelings of worry.

Jesus does not condemn treasuring things. God created human beings with the ability to value people and things.

Valuing the wrong things, especially earthly things, contributes to worry.

Fact #2. The things to which I expose myself (things I see) influence my feelings of worry.

God created humans with the ability to perceive, to see and be aware of their surroundings. He enabled humanity to focus attention and thought on specific things, events and ideas.

Looking at and thinking about wrong things contributes to worry.

Fact #3. The people and things, to whom I submit, influence my feelings of worry.

Devotion grants something or someone influence over one’s actions and circumstances. It is a form of submission.

God’s love for individuals fuels their devotion to Him. That influence guides them each to look beyond themselves and beyond their lives - to see His Kingdom.

An individual’s love for money fuels his or her devotion to it, a circular trap. The love of money is the pursuit of one’s self.

The realities of nature demonstrate how God can handle everything about any person’s life without anyone’s assistance.


I can make spiritual choices that reduce my worry.

To reduce worry, I must choose the right treasure.

To reduce worry, I must direct my active attention and thoughts to the right things. 

To reduce worry, I must submit myself to God.

In what parts of my life am I playing God because I think I’m the only one paying attention to those things?


Certain personal spiritual choices intensify worry on.


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