Bible in Lap

Use this tiny sermon for personal study or for a small group discussion. Journal your thoughtful responses to the application items. Tell a trusted spiritual friend how God wants to transform you. Ask him or her to pray for your success.

Scripture: Matthew 15:15

Key Ideas:

Jesus had just finished interacting with some Pharisees and scribes from Jerusalem who had come to Him at the Sea of Galilee.

The Pharisees and scribes accused Jesus' disciples of transgressing "the tradition of the elders." So, Jesus pointed out their transgressions.

Jesus' disciples noted and described to Him that His statements had offended the Pharisees.

Jesus helped His disciples understand the difference between physical and spiritual realities.

After Jesus dismissed the Pharisees' response, Peter asked for clarity. He had heard Jesus' interaction with the Pharisees and scribes, but did not understand what he had heard.

Here are five observations about Peter trying to understand Jesus.

1. Peter was present. He had stayed near Jesus.

2. He was attentive. He was listening. He had heard what Jesus said.

3. He was curious about what he heard. He was interested.

4. He wanted to understand Jesus.

5. He was interactive. He asked Jesus questions. He engaged.


What do I do when I don't understand Jesus' words? How intensely do I want to understand?

Today, being present with Jesus happens through God's Word. People can read, memorize, study, apply, meditate upon and pray about God's word.

When Scripture seems confusing, do I respond, like Peter, by being present, attentive, interactive, curious, and interested in understanding?

The Takeaway:

The right personal attitudes and actions can help me understand Jesus.

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