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Use this tiny sermon for personal study or for a small group discussion. Journal your responses to the applications. Then, tell a trusted spiritual friend how God wants to transform you. Pray for success in obedience.

Scripture: John 10:30-37

Key Ideas:

Sometimes, people struggle to acknowledge God’s power. They have difficulty reconciling His actions with their expectations.

A person can acknowledge God’s power without accepting Him as God or submitting to His authority. In doing so, they belittle Him, again based on their own expectations.

Grief can cause people to struggle between their expectations of God and God’s actual activity.

People struggling to reconcile God’s actions and their own expectations may ask, “If God is so ___, why does He ___?” The question can take different forms.

The opposite of submitting to God can be trying to shape His actions to fit one’s own expectations and desires. Submission requires embracing God’s will and His desires.

People who reject submission say things like, “If I were God and had His power, I would ____.” They act like they are wiser than God and know better than God what needs to be done.

People who reject submission believe that God should follow people’s desires. Basically, they see themselves as God.

God is totally trustworthy. Human expectations are untrustworthy.


What happens when God’s activities do not match my expectations? How do I react?

Do I sometimes think that my decision would be a better choice than God’s decision?

What parts of God’s activity do I have difficulty accepting?

How can I practice submission and avoid pretending to be God.


God chooses His actions without human consultation.

Kevin Parker is editor of the Baptist New Mexican news journal and, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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