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Use this tiny sermon for personal study or for a small group discussion. Journal your thoughtful responses to the application items. Tell a trusted spiritual friend how God wants to transform you. Ask him or her to pray for your success.

Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:13

Key Ideas

Evil men are more than "merely bad" people.

Evil men maliciously and intentionally cause trouble, agony and misery for no particular purpose.

Imposters intentionally behave in a certain way to deceive others about their true identity and agenda.

Both evil men and imposters intentionally deceive and inflict pain. They mean it.

Swindlers and charlatans and similar imposters project a false impression for selfish gain.

The intentionality of evil men and imposters in the church creates a sense of betrayal. 

Paul warns Timothy to expect evil men and imposters, rather than allow them to surprise him.


How do innocence and naivete increase vulnerability to evil men and imposters?

How can individual Christians be watchful for such people?

How can Christians detect evil men and imposters?

How might trust and wariness or love and caution be tricky to balance?


Saints must watch for evil men and imposters among their congregations.

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