A Baptist New Mexican is a Christian who lives in New Mexico and demonstrates or pursues the following biblical characteristics. In order, each attribute relies upon the ones that appear before it. ...click to read more

Since I became editor of the Baptist New Mexican, the newspaper's masthead has arrested my attention. "The Baptist New Mexican" describes a newspaper. But, I continued to ponder, "What is a Baptist New Mexican? What does that kind of person look like?" I concluded that such a person is more … ...click to read more

In this installment of my series on “A Baptist New Mexican,” I explore the sixth spiritual characteristic: he or she invites people to follow Jesus, recruiting them into God’s Kingdom. ...click to read more

God always intended for the ten descriptions of a Baptist New Mexican to serve a purpose beyond knowledge. They described a journey, a person’s transformation from wicked to righteous. Knowing that, I began asking, “What should a person do with these descriptions?” ...click to read more

As I wordsmithed the ten descriptions of a Baptist New Mexican, my mind wandered to individuals in my life who demonstrated them. Some of them were mentors who prompted my own growth. Others were friends from the past or members of churches I pastored. Frankly, as I made the list, I was amaz… ...click to read more