Del Norte Baptist Church Exterior

Del Norte Baptist Church, Albuquerque, is actively involved in its neighborhood community. 

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - Historically, apartment complexes are difficult for churches to get into due to privacy laws and the way managers choose to “interpret” those laws.

Del Norte Baptist Church, Albuquerque, sits in the midst of several apartment complexes. Over the last 15 years, the church has tried to create ways to minister to the people in those apartments with minimal results. But in the last year, God has opened some doors that were previously closed to church ministries.

An open door came early in April. That month the church discovered, on the grounds of an apartment complex, a large area that would accommodate a couple of inflatable jump houses, along with available electricity to operate a snow-cone machine. The site appeared to be ideal for a play day event for children. Four other apartment complexes, filled with children, were also within walking distance. The church began to ask God to allow them to use that site - or if not, to show them what they should do next.

On the morning of April 20, several church members participated in a prayer walk around the five apartment complexes. The following Wednesday night, April 24, at the church’s weekly prayer meeting, the group started asking God to “open the doors and the heart of the apartment manager.” They planned to request scheduling a play day event for the kids one week before the church’s Vacation Bible School would begin.

On May 8, a couple of church members went to the apartment complex to meet the manager. They explained to the manager who they were, why they had come and that they hoped to sponsor a play day event for the children in the apartments. The manager immediately asked, “When can you start?”

The church is confident that God orchestrated the manager’s willing and the opportunity. 

The play day event is scheduled for Tuesday, June 18. The manager willingly offered everything the church asked for, including the location and the date. In addition, the apartment manager offered to give the church more opportunities to provide events during the rest of the coming summer. 

With God’s help, one member said, “the walls still come down.”

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