ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - The Baptist Convention of New Mexico’s State Mission Board met on Jan. 27 in Albuquerque and took the following actions.

- The board approved the absences of members Michael Kirby and Mark Ashley at both the morning and evening sessions. A quorum was present to conduct business.

- The board received and approved the executive director’s report.

- The board received and approved reports from the New Mexico Baptist Foundation and the New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries.

- The board heard reports from its four ministry committees after they met with missionary staff: the Mission Mobilization Committee, the Leadership Development Committee, the Evangelism and Discipleship Committee, and the Information Services Committee.

- The board approved the minutes of its last meeting.

- The board approved the proposed 2020 Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering allocations and goal.

- The board’s Mission Mobilization Committee approved and reported pastoral support for the following pastors and churches: Pastor Roy Denton, First Baptist Church, Vaughn; Pastor Josh Duhe, The Journey Church, Gallup; Pastor Lorne Denetclaw, Rock Springs Baptist Church, Rock Springs.

- The board approved requested Harrison Trust Fund disbursements for the following churches: Jemez Valley Baptist Church to attend Inlow Indian Camp, up to $1,625; Mescalero Indian Mission to attend Indian Camp, up to $3,250; First Indian Baptist Church, Taos, to attend Indian Camp, up to $1,300; Rock Springs Baptist Church to attend Indian Camp, up to $910; and First Baptist Church, Gallup, to attend Centrifuge, up to $800. Harrison trust funds assist Native American ministries.

- The board approved a recommendation from its Policy/Personnel Committee that amended the personnel policies for state missionary staff to clarify the amount of vacation time received during the first year of employment for individuals with and without former BCNM or entity employment.

- The board approved its standard, annual Corporate Resolution, which authorizes the executive director, Joseph Bunce, to sign and conduct legal transactions on behalf of the convention.

- The board approved the proposed executive director search committee.

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