2020 Mission New Mexico Annual Report

The 2020 Annual Report is available as a PDF download with this story at GoBNM.com. Churches may freely distribute the report to church members.

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - The Baptist Convention of New Mexico released the 2020 Annual Report about the Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering. The report highlights the ways Mission New Mexico impacted lives and how funds were used during 2019. It also reviews how churches gave toward the offering during 2019.

The annual report views the missions offering from several perspectives. Giving during the 2018 offering year funded the offering’s impacts during 2019. Giving during 2019 will fund activities and impact during 2020. And, the goals for giving during 2020 will fund activities and impact during 2021.

The report describes how 175 New Mexico churches “gave a record amount” during 2019. The BCNM previously reported that churches gave $400,630 toward the 2019 goal, $360,000. The amount beyond the goal was distributed proportionally to all of the causes listed in the 2019 goals.

According to the report, New Mexico Baptists enabled almost 700 salvations, nearly 300,000 meals for hungry people, more than 1,400 campers and more. College students from New Mexico university campuses served on mission trips across New Mexico, in Denver, and overseas. Overseas, 41 college students engaged in ministry aiming to share the Gospel with unreached university students. In Denver, 23 students received training and engaged in ministry to win co-workers to faith in Jesus through workplace evangelism and nine students traveled in New Mexico assisting BCNM churches with summer ministries.

Looking toward the 2020 goal, the report notes that every BCNM church giving $1,161 to the offering would meet the goal of $395,000. Offering assistance to churches, the report describes resources provided by the convention to help churches work together through giving to the offering to make an impact in 2021.

Scott Wilson, team leader for the convention’s Mission Mobilization Team, and Cricket Pairett, the team’s ministry assistant, collected and prepared the report. Printer delivery delays prevented them from distributing the report at the New Mexico Evangelism Conference, but it will be distributed through various BCNM events and meetings. They will also email it to churches and individuals. 

The report’s purpose was showing New Mexico Baptists how their gifts impacted the lives of people. As an example, in an interview with the Baptist New Mexican, Wilson highlighted the breakdown of meals, professions of faith, camp projects, etc. He said he felt it was important for donors to see the connection between the ministries they supported and the lives those ministries changed.

The 2020 Annual Report is available as a PDF download with this story at GoBNM.com. Churches may freely distribute the report to church members. Information about the 2020 offering goals and promotional resources will be available online at bcnm.com/missionnewmexico, with updates posted as additional resources become available.

A Multi-Year Perspective

The 2020 Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering Annual Report


Giving: The report describes 2018 giving and distribution of those gifts during 2019 to support activities and impact.


Giving: The report describes 2019 giving and planned distribution of those gifts during 2020 to support activities and impact.

Impact: The report describes activities and impact occurring during 2019 that were funded by 2018 gifts to the offering.


Giving: The report describes offering goals for 2020.

Impact: Ministry use of gifts given in 2019 is underway in 2020. Those impacts will be reported in the 2021 report.


Impact: The 2020 offering goals will guide distribution for impact on lives in 2021. 

Kevin Parker is editor of the Baptist New Mexican news journal and GoBNM.com, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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