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The BCNM’s Information Service Team, which publishes the Baptist New Mexican, reported reaching 93,036 people across all of its outlets and technologies during the 91 days of 2020’s first quarter.

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - The Baptist Convention of New Mexico’s Information Services Team shared news and information with over 90,000 people in 91 days. The three-member team shared the accomplishment in its first-quarter report to the BCNM’s State Mission Board. Across its outlets, the team drew a combined 93,036 people to its various platforms. Its outlets include a statewide weekly newspaper, social media accounts, an online news portal and several Zoom videoconference systems.

The team distributed 49,500 newspapers to 5,500 subscribers with its nine published issues of the Baptist New Mexican during the quarter. Through the convention social media accounts operated by the team, it saw 78,032 individual account holders access posts. It manages five accounts across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The team’s news portal, reached 9,000 unique visitors during the period. 

The team believes some individuals access multiple platforms, creating some duplication in the numbers. But, analytics suggest that duplication numbers are small. Evidence indicates that the various platforms draw nearly unique groups of readers.

Viewing the numbers as averages, the team mailed an average of 544 newspapers every day. That average includes weekends when staff is not at the office. But, the team schedules social media posts and news portal posts every day of the week. That makes other averages even more meaningful. The team attracted an average of 857 new account holders every day to its social media. And, it recorded an average of 99 unique visitors to its news portal, daily. In its news operations, the team released 16.5 story or image assets (on average) each week.

While the team produced all of that content, it also maintained the convention’s Zoom videoconferencing infrastructure. Its Zoom systems hosted 299 hours of Zoom meetings in 154 meetings during the reported 91 days. The team scheduled and hosted many of those meetings.

The Zoom meetings involved 504 connections. A connection includes one or more individuals. Often several people connect to a meeting together with a single account, increasing the total number of people involved in the meetings beyond 504. But, the increase is unknown.

During 2020’s first quarter, the team also hosted the convention’s inaugural Capitol Prayer Dinner with the assistance of the convention’s Christian Life Committee. The dinner replaced the long-running Legislative Prayer Breakfast in Santa Fe. The team helped the rest of the BCNM’s staff host the New Mexico Evangelism Conference, too. 

At the NMEC, team members set up and operated the team’s StoryCentral mobile newsroom. StoryCentral facilitates the work of staff and volunteers who capture stories and images for people who could not attend the event. The newsroom recreates and expands the team’s offices onsite at the event.

The Information Services Team has three full-time members. Kevin Parker, director of media services and editor of the Baptist New Mexican, writes stories, processes images, lays out the newspaper, oversees the team and provides technical support to all of the convention’s digital presence online. As a former pastor and current state missionary, he also travels and preaches in convention churches. Joy Pittman, the team’s longest-tenured member, serves as its administrative, circulation, billing and financial assistant. She also researches and writes stories for the team. Daniel Porter, the team’s newest member, writes stories, processes images, schedules stories for social media and news portal release, and serves as the team’s assistant editor. During the period, the team also had a part-time digital content and audiovisual assistant, Blake Moon. Moon’s position has since been closed.

Because of its small size, the team cross-trains in many of its tasks for flexibility. Volunteer assignment writers, church storytellers and volunteer photographers help the team gather information and tell stories that matter to New Mexico Baptists, too. Like all of the BCNM missionary staff, the IST receives funding from the generous gifts of churches to the Cooperative Program.

Kevin Parker is editor of the Baptist New Mexican news journal and, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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