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ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - The 2019 Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering was the highest ever collected by the Baptist Convention of New Mexico, according to Executive Director Joseph Bunce. Bunce announced the offering’s success during the Jan. 27 meeting of the convention’s State Mission Board.

The Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering’s final total was $400,630, Bunce said. The high offering came while Cooperative Program giving in the state lagged behind the previous year. Bunce addressed both trends.

The 2019 offering exceeded its $360,00 goal by $40,630. The overage prompted BCNM missionary staff to propose a higher goal for 2020, but one that was still within the 2019 offering total. The 2020 goal will be $395,000.

Bunce attributed the large offering to the generosity and missionary spirit of New Mexico Baptists. The offering allocations included a larger amount for church planting in years past. $100,000 or 27.8% of the goal was slated for church planting in New Mexico.

Since the offering exceeded its goal, the overage will be allocated proportionately according to the 2019 allocations. That means that each cause listed in the 2019 offering allocations will receive more than targeted. Funds will still be used for the same purposes as proposed.

The 2019 State Missions Offering was allocated as follows: church planting, $100,000 (27.8%); Collegiate International Missions, $25,000 (6.9%); Collegiate New Mexico Team Missions, $25,000 (6.9%); New Mexico Hunger Funds, $70,000 (19.4%); Inlow Baptist Camp and Conference Center, $50,000 (13.9%); Sivells Baptist Camp and Conference Center, $50,000 (13.9%); BCNM Ministers and Family Retreat, $25,000 (6.9%); New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries Adoption Services, $15,000 (4.2%).

Bunce also introduced the proposed allocations for the 2020 Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering (below). The board adopted them.

2020 Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering Allocations

Church Planting: $150,000.00

Collegiate International Missions: $20,000.00

Collegiate New Mexico Team Missions: $20,000.00

Christian Challenge Capital Improvements: $10,000.00

New Mexico Hunger Funds: $70,000.00

Inlow Camp: $50,000.00

Sivells Camp: $50,000.00

Ministers and Family Retreat: $25,000.00

Total Goal: $395,000.00

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