Sticky Notes

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - The New Mexico Baptist Foundation has added two new tools to assist churches and other organizations with stewardship, team-building and developing leadership skills.

“Sticky Note Stewardship” is designed to be a 30-45-minute presentation that addresses stewardship and life issues during the four seasons of giving: Health, Hospital, Homegoing and Heritage. The approach is practical and biblical, enabling participants to better utilize their resources both today and tomorrow.

“The churches with whom I have shared "Sticky Note Stewardship" have responded very positively,” stated Micheal Summers, NMBF Vice President. “The basic information covered allows individuals to better make decisions and discuss matters with legal and financial advisors.”

The goal of “Sticky Note Stewardship” is to gain more understanding of the demands for each season of giving [Health, Hospital, Homegoing and Heritage] and the tools to manage one’s resources from a Kingdom perspective.

The second tool is “Finding Your Leadership FOCUS.” This is a tool Summers developed previously to assist churches, organizations, and individuals to develop leadership skills and team-building. 

According to Summers, “FOCUS helps create movement towards decision-making and consensus-building. I developed FOCUS while sitting through yet another leadership seminar and thought, there must be a simpler way to do this. It has been a wonderful help for individuals, churches and even schools.”

To learn more about these tools, to schedule a presentation or to find out about other resources the Foundation provides, please contact Micheal Summers at or (505) 332-3777.

Summers is also available for pulpit supply.

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