Mike Napier Speaks During 2020 BCNM Annual Meeting

Mike Napier speaks during the 2020 Baptist Convention of New Mexico Annual Meeting on Oct. 20 at Hoffmantown Church, Albuquerque. Napier pastors First Baptist Church, Aztec.

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - During the Baptist Convention of New Mexico’s 2020 Annual Meeting Oct. 20, First Baptist Church, Aztec, Pastor Mike Napier described his church’s evangelistic culture, which has led to hundreds of salvations and baptisms in the last two years.

Napier credited God for the church’s ongoing revival, telling messengers and guests gathered at Hoffmantown Church, Albuquerque, “if you walk away with anything, I want you to walk away with this … this is all God.”

Napier assumed the pastorate of First Baptist in Nov. 2018. He explained that during his first Sunday as First Baptist’s pastor, the church baptized six people up to that point in the year. In 2019, the church baptized 97 people. In 2020, the church has baptized 43 people, with more scheduled through the end of the year. The church’s weekly worship service attendance, Sunday school attendance and financial tithes and offerings have also increased.

According to Napier, the church prioritizes one-on-one conversations between guests and Napier or his wife, Cindy. Additionally, the church works to involve new believers in various church meetings and to schedule the new believer’s baptism as quickly as possible. “These are folks who are repenting of their sins and placing their faith and trust in Christ. We are doing our best to encourage them to go to a new believers class, as held on Wednesday nights, and to go get plugged into a Sunday school,” Napier said.

First Baptist’s spiritual growth is a direct result of prayer. Speaking about the church’s culture of prayer, Napier said, “God has prompted us to have Worship Center intercessors, where we worship, where an intercessor is responsible for about three rows, and they come in during the week, and they pray over each chair. And then they come in early on Sunday morning, and they pray again over each chair that God would put someone we’ve never seen before in that chair, someone from the East, the Northwest or the South, just like the word of God said in Psalm 107, that God would put a new face we’ve never seen in that chair.”

Napier concluded his testimony by reiterating the reasons for First Baptist’s growth, saying, “It is so simple. It’s prayer and evangelism. That’s all that it is. All that it is, is the power of the Holy Spirit moving in our midst.”

Daniel Porter is a staff writer with the Baptist New Mexican news journal and GoBNM.com, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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