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ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - For almost every year since the Baptist Convention of New Mexico’s 1912 founding, its annual state missions offering has helped to spread the Gospel to men, women and children across the state.

In a July 1913 issue of the Baptist New Mexican, E.B. Atwood, the convention’s first corresponding secretary (executive director), urged New Mexico Baptists to support the state missions offerings, proclaiming, “All future work and growth in New Mexico is waiting on State Missions.” In 2019, New Mexico Baptists again face an opportunity impact future work and growth in New Mexico by supporting this year’s Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering.

The state missions offering has experienced two name changes since it began. From 1912 to 1988, the offering bore the generic name “The State Missions Offering.” In November 1988, the offering was renamed the Harry P. Stagg State Missions Offering in honor of the BCNM’s longest-tenured executive director. Stagg served the convention in that role from 1938-1968. In 2011, the State Mission Board renamed the offering as the “Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering.” With the change, the board sought to reflect the direct impact the offering has through New Mexico ministries. 

Historically, the offering has supported several state ministries, including the New Mexico Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries, Christian Challenge ministries on New Mexico collegiate campuses (formerly called Baptist Student Unions), Inlow Baptist Camp, Sivells Baptist Camp, hunger ministries, disaster relief, special care for pastors, and in-state church planting, among others. 

The 2019 Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering goal is $360,000. Allocations for the offering are as follows: $100,000 for church planting; $70,000 for hunger funds; $50,000 for Inlow Baptist Camp; $50,000 for Sivells Baptist Camp; $25,000 for collegiate summer mission work internationally; $25,000 for collegiate summer mission work in New Mexico; $25,000 for the tri-annual Ministers and Family Retreat; and $15,000 for Baptist Children’s Home and Family Ministries’ adoption services.

For more information about the Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering, navigate online to

Daniel Porter is a staff writer with the Baptist New Mexican news journal and, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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