2019 Mission New Mexico Pie Chart

The goal for the 2019 Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering is $360,000. This chart shows how that money will be spent across several Baptist Convention of New Mexico ministries.

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - The overall goal for the 2019 Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering is $360,000. The offering's allocations help New Mexico Baptists see their impact through giving to the offering.

The offering allocates $100,000 for church planting. The Baptist Convention of New Mexico uses these funds to help in-state church plants and church planters reach people for Christ. The convention networks church plants and planters with sponsor churches and local associations to provide kinds of support. Basic church planting administration receives separate funding through the Cooperative Program.

The offering allocates $70,000 for hunger ministries.

New Mexico has many families and individuals who cannot meet their basic food needs. This allocation enables the BCNM to assist churches and ministries that address practical hunger needs with a Gospel-focus. 

The offering allocates $50,000 for Sivells Baptist Camp and $50,000 for Inlow Baptist Camp. The BCNM's two camps offer churches pre-programmed and self-planned retreat options. In 2019, student and missions camps attracted over 2,000 campers, not including camps and retreats. Pre-programmed BCNM Camps offer recreation, Bible teaching, and Gospel invitations. The offering helps camps conduct maintenance, improve facilities and keep camper fees low. Other camps can cost twice the price of attending a BCNM camp or more. The offering preserves the camps and their spiritual impact for future campers.

The offering allocates $25,000 to fund New Mexico collegiate summer missionaries in New Mexico. Each year, one or more teams of college students from New Mexico Christian Challenge campus ministries assist BCNM churches with summer ministries. The teams help small churches offer ministries and share the Gospel beyond their ability. New Mexico summer missionary teams receive full funding from the Mission New Mexico offering.

The offering allocates $25,000 to assist New Mexico college students who serve as summer missionaries alongside Southern Baptist missionaries in other countries. College students from Christian Challenge camps ministries, who complete an application and screening process, receive partial assistance for the cost of overseas, summer-long mission trips. In 2019, Christian Challenge sent a total of 72 summer missionaries. The total includes both New Mexico and international-bound teams. 

The offering allocates $25,000 for the tri-annual Ministers and Family Retreat to help churches encourage and refresh their pastor and other ministers serving their congregation. Every third year, the Baptist Convention of New Mexico plans a multi-day retreat for ministers of BCNM churches and their families. Couples and families pay a nominal registration cost to attend. Most churches cover the price for their minister(s). The remaining cost of the retreat is funded entirely by the Mission New Mexico offering. The retreat helps ministers lead their churches and minister in their communities effectively.

The offering allocates $15,000 for the New Mexico Baptist Children's Home and Family Services new adoption services. The children's home is searching for an adoption ministry director to guide this new ministry. As soon as the director is selected and on location, these funds will be used to help connect displaced children, who are adoptable, with Christian homes.

More information about the Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering is available online at bcnm.com/missionnewmexico.

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