Inlow Camp Sign

Inlow Baptist Camp is located in the Manzano mountains near Albuquerque, New Mexico.

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) – During the COVID-19 pandemic closures, Mission New Mexico Offering funds allowed for improvement at Inlow and Sivells camps and prepared them for spiritual impact when the pandemic passes. Lamar Morin, Baptist Convention of New Mexico Leadership Development Team leader, observed, "God works for good in all things, as stated in Romans 8:28." The COVID-19 pandemic caused much hardship for many people, but God gave us opportunities through this pandemic." 

"Both the Inlow and Sivells camps remain closed due to the stringent government restrictions regarding group camps. But, the closure provided an opportunity to conduct deferred maintenance and other work at the camps. We have been improving the camps for the last four or five years because of the Mission New Mexico State Mission offerings," Morin said. "Mission New Mexico funds were utilized efficiently during this year to maintain and upgrade the camps while there were no campers," Morin said. Morin pointed out that the current restrictions "do not negate the need to invest in the BCNM camps. Ongoing costs occur even when there are no campers. Staffing, utilities and ongoing maintenance costs remain." 

Because of the camp closures, Morin said, "We have been able to perform some much-needed major and minor upgrades at both camps." He described some of the projects. "At Sivells, we have upgraded the propane system from a single large tank to multiple smaller tanks. They are in zones to provide greater efficiency. This time also provided the opportunity to re-pipe the whole system," Morin said. "Another renovation and upgrade was the camp's dining hall."

Turning his attention to the convention’s central New Mexico camp, Morin said, "At Inlow, we restored the historic Inlow Lodge, which was gutted and in the final phase of restoration." The Lodge now has a new kitchen, and other minor maintenance projects have occurred. Installation of a dozen new septic systems meets New Mexico Environment Department requirements. This project was ongoing, but progressed during the time of closure. "We are always grateful for volunteers," Morin stated. "We hosted a few small, skilled volunteer groups who worked on the camps' projects."

Morin emphasized that gifts given through Mission New Mexico "are an investment in the future and changed lives." He said, "Over the years, the camps afforded thousands of lives to be changed, saved, and called into ministry. I couldn't even count how many."

In addition to support for the Mission New Mexico State Missions Offering, Morin requested New Mexico Baptists' prayers. "Pray for opening the camps when it is safe to do so. Pray for a new manager for Inlow, and an assistant manager and food services director at Sivells." Morin thanked New Mexico Baptists for ongoing support of this valuable aspect of Baptist work in New Mexico. 

Curtis Smith is a volunteer assignment writer with the Baptist New Mexican news journal and, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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