ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) – “Children should sing long, loud, and often,” Michelle Gammill believes. Gammill is a faculty member for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico’s Children’s MusiCamp. She is also a member of New Life Fellowship, Belen.

"Inlow Baptist Camp in the Manzano Mountains is a holy place," Gammill said. She reflected, "Driving up the mountain, you pass through the burn scar from 2008, and you recognize God's protection and presence." Gammill attended camp more times than she can count, beginning as a camper in middle school, continuing as she raised her daughters, and later taking her grandkids. "The peace, joy and love present in that place are immeasurable," she said.

An essential part of camp is music, prompting its name: MusiCamp. Gammill said nothing she has done compares to Children’s MusiCamp and hearing the children singing. At camp, they sing praises to God and learn about His love and provision in their lives. “Music, worship and fun are in abundance. Children from churches across the state join together, surrounded by amazing staff,” she said. 

As a church sponsor, Gammill’s favorite camp activity is walking through the camp during rehearsals and checking on the kids from her church. She hears music and children singing everywhere.

The staff at Children’s MusiCamp are not just teachers, Gammill said. They are writers, designers and builders. They create an original program filled with music, instruments, choreography, puppets, drama and singing. The staff spends months before camp creating the curriculum for the classes and praying for the kids. They dedicate themselves to a week of nurturing children and being a reflection of Jesus to them. “Every year is a blessing,” she said.

Gammill reflected on canceling Children's MusiCamp during the pandemic. She called the cancelation "a significant loss." She compared the cancelation to challenges faced when the 2008 forest fires forced the relocation of some scheduled Inlow camps.

“We came close to losing it the summer of 2008 when the Dog Head fire ravaged the mountain,” Gammill said. “Inlow was closed. We prayed about what would remain and whether MusiCamp would happen at all. The power lines to the camp were destroyed, and the fire encroached within 30 feet of some buildings and stopped, sparing Inlow. It was as though the hand of God was over the camp while the surrounding area was devastated. God miraculously provided for MusiCamp that year as they held both camps at Glorieta 2.0. The children continued to sing,”  she explained. 

“Whether your church has a children’s choir, or you just want to minister to the kids in your congregation, pray about Children’s MusiCamp,” Gammill encouraged. “Perhaps God is calling you to this ministry. Everyone at Children’s MusiCamp would love to welcome you and your kids this year,” Gammill concluded. 

Children’s MusiCamp is July 17-21 at Inlow Baptist Camp. Through June 20, the camp costs $210 per camper or sponsor. After June 20, the cost increases to $225. Registration requires a $40 transferable, non-refundable deposit. Contact Ira Pinkston ( or (505) 553-9354) or Cheryl Vaughn ( or (505) 924-2314) with questions.


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