Bobby and Nan McGee

Bobby and Nan McGee are traveling evangelists. They have spoken at prisons and correctional facilities across the United States.

CANTON, N.C. (BNM) – After serving 22 years in prison, Bobby McGee now ministers to prisoners. He understands their circumstances because he has lived on the inside.

McGee spent years breaking the law, getting caught and serving jail and prison time. In total, he spent 22 years in prison. But, after becoming Christian and completing his sentence, he entered full-time ministry. He has been ministering across the nation full-time to prisoners for 11 years.

McGee received salvation at Good News Baptist Church, Canton, North Carolina, on Dec. 22, 1989. He had driven by a nativity scene at the church. Then, without understanding the display, he went inside. The pastor shared Romans 3:23 with him, and for the first time, he understood it. The Scripture passage convicted McGee that he was a sinner. 

However, McGee was angry about his situation and was planning to commit “suicide by cop” that night. So, he drove away. 

Immediately, in the parking lot, a group at the church began to pray for him. McGee, still driving, struggled with the continuing conviction in his heart. Shortly, he turned around and returned to the church. The group was still in the parking lot praying for him. He had never experienced such care. 

McGee chose to trust Jesus that night. Once he believed in his heart, McGee said, “The rest came easy.” That night changed his life and future. Once he accepted Christ, a man in the church took a chance and helped him. McGee said the man helped him more than he would ever know.

McGee, then a new Christian, still had a seven-year sentence to serve. He went to prison as a changed man.  McGee said, “I can’t do anything but serve Him.”

McGee began sharing the Gospel with other inmates. That experience prepared him for his post-release, full-time ministry. He also took college courses while in prison.

After his release from prison, he married his wife, Nan. She became the manager of their prison ministry. Together, they minister in 100-125 prisons every year and say that 1,000 souls come to Christ each year. Currently, the McGees are on a one-year tour ministering in 20 states before returning home. 

Most of New Mexico’s prisons were on their tour list. McGee also spoke and sang at two New Mexico churches: Mescalero Baptist Mission and First Baptist Church, Ruidoso Downs.

When asked what part of his ministry has been the most rewarding, McGee said that the letters and relationships with men after their release had been the most rewarding. The letters affirm that his ministry has impacted men’s lives and that men are different when they come out.

The McGees do not know how long their ministry will continue. They intend to travel as long as the Lord, their health and their age permit. The culture is changing, they said, and they are more and more limited in what they are allowed to say in the prisons. That will, in the end, significantly impact their ministry.

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Joy Pittman is editorial and circulation assistant with the Baptist New Mexican news journal and, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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