First Baptist Church, Alamogordo

Eleven people joined First Baptist Church, Alamogordo, during the church’s June 2 morning service. On the far left is the Preysz family (Candice and Mik, back; Miklos and Kimber-Anne, front). Sixth from the right is pastor Kyle Bueermann. 

ALAMOGORDO (BNM) – First Baptist Church, Alamogordo, welcomed 11 new members in a single morning service on June 2. 

The new members were one family of four, two couples, and three individuals. Two of them joined by baptism and the others joined by statement or transfer of letter, pastor Kyle Bueermann said in an email to the Baptist New Mexican. The group that joined spans several generations, with the youngest being 8 years old and the oldest being near 50. The church currently has about 115 active members, Bueermann said. 

“It was incredible,” Bueermann said about the members joining all at once. He said the 11 new members attended a membership class that morning. But, typically, membership classes have about four in attendance, out of which two or three ultimately become church members; for 11 to attend and all of them to become members was unusual. “It blew my mind, actually,” he said.

Mik and Candice Preysz and their two children Miklos and Kimber-Anne were the family who joined that day. They had lived in Alamogordo for three years and began attending First Baptist in September 2018. “I honestly feel like [the church] is a gem in Alamogordo,” Mrs. Preysz said. She is looking forward to working alongside other believers, building up the body of Christ, participating in the church’s activities and being a part of the family. She also said becoming members alongside the other seven people joining was “very encouraging,” and that she was excited that everyone was making the commitment together that morning. 

“From the minute we started attending that church, they were extremely welcoming and intentional,” she mentioned. She also noted how all of the church’s Sunday School classes follow the same curriculum, so the Preysz family always has something to discuss on the way home from church.

“When you find the right church, you definitely need to get [involved],” she said. 

Daniel Porter is a staff writer with the Baptist New Mexican news journal and, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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