Executive Director Search Team Update

BCNM Executive Directors, from top left to botton right: Elmer Bugg “E.B.” Atwood, James W. Bruner, Calowa William “C.W.” Stumph, Jesse Coleman Owen, Henry Clay “H.C.” Reavis, M.L. Murdock, J.M. Hayden, Harry Perkins Stagg, R.Y. Bradford, Chester Cowan O’Brien, Jr., Claude W. Cone, and Joseph L. Bunce (current executive director).

The Baptist Convention of New Mexico’s Executive Director Search Committee has received 17 resumes. Its July 1 report also said that the committee’s members are “excited about the quality of resumes.”

The committee said that 17 “was a very workable number.” In an interview with the Baptist New Mexican, John Hinze, committee chairperson, said the committee “didn’t want to receive 200 resumes.” He also said that the committee is narrowing down the list now. Hinze pastors First Baptist Church, Tucumcari.

The committee evaluated candidates using criteria gleaned from its listening sessions around the state. The main requirement was “a person who loved New Mexico or could fall in love with New Mexico.” He said the committee identified 16 themes that were uniform throughout the meetings. Every meeting, he said, covered the 6-7 top common thoughts. “We don’t want to mess up,” Hinze said. He reemphasized the importance of the associational listening sessions. Through them, members could hear from and talk with different people around the state.

Hinze said the committee had sent letters to individuals who “were very qualified, but just didn’t meet the criteria they [the committee members] were looking for.” “All have been quality people,” he said. Overall, he said the committee is “excited and pleased.” “It’s been amazing to see how God is at work,” Hinze said. “We feel He’s leading us to the right person. … We’re hoping to present someone sooner rather than later.”

The committee has lost one member. But, Hinze said all of the alternates had participated in every meeting. He said, at this point, they are considered part of the committee. The committee’s leadership has remained constant, with Hinze as chairperson, Dave McFadden as vice-chairperson and Jonathan Richard as secretary.

The committee met twice in June and will meet together again in mid-July. Members are meeting together in a central location, convenient for members. 

Since the beginning, Hinze said, members have prayed for the next BCNM executive director. He expressed a desire of the committee: that New Mexico Baptists would pray for divine direction for the committee, for the candidate and his family and for the candidate’s current employer.

Kevin Parker is editor of the Baptist New Mexican news journal and GoBNM.com, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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