The Baptist Convention of New Mexico acquired a 44” wide-format printer to use for printing posters, banners and other large artwork. It is now offering the specialty printing services to churches for promotion, outreach, teaching, messaging and other uses.

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - The Baptist Convention of New Mexico has begun offering low-cost printing of banners, posters, and signs for BCNM churches.

The convention’s Information Services Team acquired and refurbished a used 44” wide-format printer in 2019 and intended to begin offering wide-format printing services in 2020. But, the COVID-19 pandemic changed circumstances, delaying the services. During the fall of 2020 and early 2021, the team again explored offering the services to churches. The team has printed posters, display signs, pull-up banners, vinyl and polyester horizontal banners, organizational charts, architectural floor plans and specialty teaching graphics.

The team is offering the specialty printing services on a staff-available basis, since it is not operating a fully-staffed sign shop. Accordingly, lead time is important. The services’ charges recover material and shipping costs. Work, maintenance and ink are covered by churches’ generous giving to the Cooperative Program.

The team is offering printing on several materials: 36 inch bright-white plain paper, 42” 35lb coated poster/banner paper, 24” Stay-Flat polypropylene banner material (8mil) for indoor banners and 42” waterproof scrim vinyl banner material (15mil) for outdoor banners. Printed materials can be any length of those materials. The cost for the service is $3.50 per foot required of 24” materials and $4.50 per foot required for wider materials. The heavy, outdoor vinyl material costs an additional $0.50 per foot.

Churches can print materials of smaller widths than the actual material, but will still pay for each liner foot of required. The team can position multiple smaller items to print using the least amount of material. However, the service is not intended for mass production of small printed items.

The service cost includes finishing banners with grommets and double-thick bound edges, where desired. Materials can also be mounted onto Foamcore boards (also called foamboard) for display on easels or other stands at an additional cost.

Churches can use the printed materials for outreach and other special campaigns, VBS advertising, internal vision-casting and messaging, special event promotion, seminar or workshop teaching sessions and more. If time is available, convention staff can help develop simple sign layouts. Or, churches can submit an already finalized, high-quality image for printing.

Once the printing service sees enough use, the team hopes to add additional materials and sizes, such as wider polypropylene film and adhesive vinyl for stick-on floor or window signs. It also hopes to produce several themes of generic banner and poster artwork that churches can customize, print and use for their own ministry. The team encourages churches to think creatively and early and use the service for drawing more people to Gospel encounters and discipleship.

Churches with ideas and questions can call to discuss their project with the team at (505) 924-2311 or can send an email to The team can also provide churches with a printing rate sheet upon request.


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