Salem Baptist Church

Salem Baptist Church was overjoyed to be able to meet as a church body once again on May 17, 2020. The wearing of masks and making sure to practice social distancing made the occasion different than usual but a blessing to all who attended.

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - For a couple of months, churches have not been meeting, and some are now meeting with social distancing in place. A couple of New Mexico churches have reported to the Baptist New Mexican what is happening in their churches and that God’s work continued through the pandemic.

Salem Baptist Church reported that the congregation met for the first time since March, May 17. The church is part of the Rio Grande Association. Salem sits just west of I-25 between Truth or Consequences and Las Cruces.

“The wearing of masks and practicing social distancing made the occasion different than usual. But the day was a blessing to all who attended,” wrote Melissa Hunt in an email to the Baptist New Mexican.

Tinian Baptist Church, near Cuba, reported that church members had been busy during their stay-at-home order. The church’s Women on Mission sewed and donated facemasks for five areas of their community.

When the food donation arrived from Albuquerque and Texas, church members delivered it to families who had no transportation to get to town or were physically unable to travel. They encouraged those families to remain at home and safe. The donations provided them with necessary items to get by until the governor eased restrictions. To families who had no running water, members delivered bottles of water. “Thank you for those who helped us with some food and bottled water during the pandemic,” wrote Rose Ignacio, a member of Tinian Baptist Church. Tinian is part of the San Juan Association and on the Navajo Reservation.

Most churches in New Mexico could share similar stories of joyous returns to worship services and thankfulness for God’s provision during the pandemic. Those churches holding worship services now have limited contact and social distancing in place. Members across the state have expressed to the Baptist New Mexican that they are thankful to gather in God’s house again. 

Joy Pittman is circulation assistant with the Baptist New Mexican news journal and, news and information outlets for the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

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