2019 NM State Bible Drill Participants

Twenty children participated in the annual State Bible Drill, May 11, at the BCNM’s Resource Center and offices in Albuquerque. They came from First Baptist Church, Artesia, and First Baptist Church, Ruidoso. Two winners earned perfect scores: Haylie Phelps, Artesia, and Aiden Morehead, Ruidoso.

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) - Twenty children recently participated in New Mexico’s annual State Bible Drill Competition on Saturday, May 11, at the Baptist Convention of New Mexico’s Resource Center and offices in Albuquerque.

Two churches had leaders who trained and coached the children to develop Bible skills prior to the Bible Drill. Mona Williams coached the First Baptist Church, Artesia, children. And, Stephanie Jensen coached the First Baptist Church, Ruidoso, team. According to Krista Peterson, the BCNM’s director of children’s ministries, the two Bible drill coaches “are the most experienced leaders in Bible Drill in our state, with Stephanie working with Bible Drill for 29 years and Mona for 26 years.”

The children who participated this year from First Baptist Church, Ruidoso, were Matthew Pacheco, Paige Fraley, Cisco Aragon, Allura Ontiveros, Alysa Hinds, Faith Duke, Reese Treptow, Alyssa Christian, Hannah Anderson, Olyvia Mendoza, Demetre Hinds, Aiden Morehead, Destiney Urban and Hope Duke. The children who participated from First Baptist Church, Artesia, were Adrian Franco, Lizzie Nickerson-Harper, Haylie Phelps, Jayden Leyva, Brent McIntire, Jacob Smith, and Alyssa Fuentes.

Participants Aiden Morehead, Ruidoso, and Haylie Phelps, Artesia, both earned a perfect score in Bible Drill. Their scores also earned them a camp scholarship.  

According to Bible Drill manuals from LifeWay Christian Resources, a Bible Drill competition covers four “calls.” For “Book Calls,” children must find a specific book in the Bible within 10 seconds. They place their finger anywhere within that book in their open Bible. Next, “Key Passage Calls” are similar. Children are given the title of a key passage (e.g. “A Shepherd's Song”). Again, they place their finger anywhere within the specified passage. The other two calls involve memorization. In a “Quotation Call,” a leader gives a verse reference from an official list. Children must recite the verse or passage exactly as provided in the official list and translation (the CSB Bible). Last, a “Completion Call” requires children to quote a complete verse and reference after hearing a phrase from the passage.” 

Some churches conduct Bible Drill at their churches without competing in the State Bible Drill. Peterson said that whether a child competes or not, Bible Drill is an excellent way to instill Bible skills into children’s minds. LifeWay’s curriculum, "Bible Skills, Drills and Thrills" contains ideas for games and activities to use during a program time for children. 

Churches may contact Krista Peterson at (505) 924-2333 or kpeterson@bcnm.com for more information about Bible Drill. The BCNM’s State Bible Drill is made possible by churches' generous gifts to the Cooperative Program.

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