T. J. Greaney listens to a breakout session attendee’s question during his session at the 2022 New Mexico Evangelism Conference. He spoke about ““Starting an Outdoor Ministry in Your Church.” Greaney developed a men’s outdoor mentoring ministry for boys at his church. As it grew, he began teaching other churches how to have such a ministry. SN5627

ALBUQUERQUE (BNM) – T.J. Greaney led a breakout conference at the 2022 New Mexico Evangelism Conference on the topic “Starting an Outdoor Ministry in Your Church.” God used Greaney in his church to mentor boys and grow a ministry.

Greaney said God gave him scripts and a curriculum that became a ministry called Kids Outdoor Zone, or KOZ. The ministry focused on boys ages 8-18. Men from the church met the boys on a Saturday morning, took them fishing and hunting and taught them about the outdoors. As the ministry grew, Greaney offered to teach other churches the curriculum to start the ministry in their churches. It began to spread.

Four elements define the KOZ ministry: F-O-M-J. “F” is for the epidemic of fatherless boys in our society. Those boys have only known a man who left him and made many unkept promises. Boys need men to teach them about the outdoors and care about them, Greaney said.

“O” is for outdoors. Boys need the outdoors for their health and to learn the culture of the outdoors. An average kid spends only 40 minutes a week outdoors, Greaney said. “We need to train the next generation of outdoorsmen.”

“M” is for mentoring. A mentored boy is more likely to finish school, stay away from drugs and be successful, statistics indicate. Four hours of mentoring a month can change a child’s life trajectory and view. Greaney said they each need a man to teach them what they need to know about being a man.

“J” is for Jesus. “Do not do anything if Jesus is not a part of it,” Greaney said, noting how Jesus mentored his disciples. He said churches need to model Jesus’ teaching and style. Invite men into a setting where they have a different kind of conversation, like around a campfire.

Greaney describe how the ministry works. The men of the church lead KOZ. They work under the authority of the church. Their objective is finding fatherless boys to mentor. “Basically, they invite fathers and sons, so the fatherless boys will see how fathering is done,” Greaney explained.

Greaney closed by teaching how men have a calling on their lives: commit yourself and change the life of a boy. He offered more information via the ministry’s website:


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