Christian and Atheist Breakout Session

James Walker, for his breakout session at the NMEC, invites an atheist friend to help explain atheist viewpoints. SN5623

The following description summarizes a breakout session of the 2022 New Mexico Evangelism Conference. All keynote and breakout sessions were audio recorded and can be streamed or downloaded at

Click here to listen to this breakout session.

NMEC breakout session leader James Walker said, “This is risky…. We’ve never done this before.” He referred to inviting atheist Bill Kluck to join him in the session to talk about various Christian and atheist views. Walker leads Watchman Fellowship, a Christian research and apologetics ministry. The two men launched the Atheist and Christian Book Club, a gathering where Christians and atheists gather to discuss Christian and atheist books with their authors.

“We reach more people by talking with them than talking about them,” Walker said, before he and Kluck began their conversation. They discussed both the most difficult Christian argument against atheism and the most difficult atheist argument against Christianity. They also explored how atheists explain the origin of life.

Kluck said fine tuning in the universe is the most difficult argument against atheism. It highlights the precision across many variables necessary for the universe to exist, continue, and support complex life. Walker said the most difficult argument against Christianity is the problem of evil. He gave four guidelines for talking with atheists: be respectful; beware of confirmation bias; use a steel man, not a straw man; and find areas of agreement.


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