Las Cruces (BNM) - The Baptist Convention of New Mexico’s Information Services Team arrived at Mesilla Park Community Church, Las Cruces, on Sunday evening, Oct. 21, in preparation for the convention’s 2018 Annual Meeting, Oct. 23-24.

The team arrived in advance of the meeting to set up StoryCentral, the Baptist New Mexican’s mobile newsroom. The mobility of the newsroom allows for near real time reporting of key convention events. 

Kevin Parker, editor of the Baptist New Mexican, directs all StoryCentral operations. According to Parker, StoryCentral allows BNM to “to fully report on the event at the event” and to “master reporting the event, to where we report about the people at the event—not the personalities who are on the platform, but the people who come to the event and their stories of God at work in their churches and their lives,” he said.

StoryCentral was staffed by Baptist New Mexican team members and volunteer writers and photographers from across New Mexico. The newsroom consisted of 11 workstations, with room for up to seven volunteers to concurrently draft stories and download and draft cutlines of photos. Volunteers rotated between working in StoryCentral and gathering information by attending events and interviewing people. The room also contained a photo-editing station and a live video feed of Mesilla Park’s auditorium, where the annual meeting’s main sessions were held.

The process of unloading and setting up equipment took approximately five hours. Set up for the StoryCentral included running ethernet cables to each station, setting up a dedicated server for the room, and ensuring all workstations, the remote camera, and an audio streaming system were operational, among other tasks.

Prior to the Annual Meeting, Baptist New Mexican staff worked to secure volunteers from the Las Cruces area and across the state to help report on the event. This year’s volunteers included: Josh Hunt, Alexa Tovar, Karen Pilgreen, Kaylee Mulkey, Sandy Montoya, Debbie Bizzell, Kathleen Goolsby and Linda Connell.

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