Las Cruces (BNM) - The New Mexico Singing Churchmen gathered to rehearse on Monday evening, Oct. 22, at First Baptist Church, Las Cruces, in preparation for Tuesday night's session of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico’s 2018 Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting was held Oct. 23-24 at Mesilla Park Community Church, Las Cruces. 

Lamar Morin, team leader for the BCNM’s Leadership Development Team, directs the group, which is comprised of pastors, worship leaders and other staff members from New Mexico churches and the BCNM’s missionary staff. The only woman in the group is the group’s pianist, Cheryl Vaughn, ministry assistant for the BCNM’s Evangelism and Discipleship Team. Additional instruments include drums, brass, guitars and a string quartet.

After prayer for safe travel for members still on the road and a “worshipful” rehearsal, Morin led the men to warm up their voices by singing “Because He Lives (Amen).” Some of the men sing from an iPad rather than printed music in a notebook. Soloists contribute to the worship experience throughout the program.

Morin states that the value of the men's choir is the fellowship and networking they enjoy, bringing various styles of worship together for the glory of God. It's a time to recharge batteries, which is so important to the men. “How often do you hear a men's choir in New Mexico? They are great ambassadors for BCNM.”

Karen Pilgreen served as a volunteer StoryTeller with the convention’s Information Services Team staff, onsite, at the 2018 BCNM Annual Meeting in Las Cruces. She also serves as a volunteer assignment writer with the Baptist New Mexican, one of the team’s ministries.

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