Boyd Morerod Delivers the Annual Sermon at the 2018 BCNM Annual Meeting

Boyd Morerod, pastor of First Baptist Church of Los Chavez, Belen, delivers the annual sermon at the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico.

‘See that You Do Not Refuse Him’

By Linda Connell

Boyd Morerod, proclaimed the warning, the promise and the challenge found in Hebrews 12:24-19, the theme Scripture for the Baptist Convention of New Meixco’s 2018 Annual Meeting. He was preaching the meeting’s Annual Sermon.

Morerod described the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York, which shook the earth with tremendous force. One day, he said, the earth will also shake, and the unshakeable kingdom of God will be revealed.

First, Scripture warns God’s followers to not refuse Him, Morerod said. He narrated God’s experience with His people at Sinai to clarify his point. On Mount Sinai, God spoke to Moses amid thunderings and earthquakes and spoke the Ten Commandments. But, at the bottom of the mountain where God and Moses were speaking face-to-face, God’s people created an idol to worship, a golden calf.

The same God speaks in Deuteronomy and Hebrews, Morerod observed. First, God spoke on earth from a mountain. Second, He speaks from Heaven by His Holy Spirit. But, it is the same God. Saints should not refuse Him.

Morerod recalled a powerful memory of obedience. As a boy, he said, his brother, father and he harvested corn with the aid of a mule that pulled a wagon while they cut the corn and threw it onto the wagon. He remembered with amazement that all day long the mule was obedient to his father's commands.  He explained that believers, today, have something similar to obey. So, he said, “Do not refuse him who speaks.”

Second, the passage promises that some things are eternal, he said. Despite the fear after the 9/11 attacks and the pain of hurricanes, earthquakes, famines, wars and such, Morerod said those things are only the beginnings of the Kingdom’s arrival. The Bible describes upheavals before the Kingdom comes.

What things are eternal? The soul of man is eternal - either in Heaven or in Hell. When the end comes, people will either be in God’s Kingdom of Heaven for eternity - a kingdom that will never end - or in hell.

Morerod used Jesus’ parable of the tares and the wheat to explain How God is ensuring the survival of His people by waiting until the end to separate them. With the promise of eternity in mind, Morerod said, “Prepare for eternity, for God is a consuming fire.

Finally, third, Morerod described the passage’s challenge to be graceful and thankful. Serving and worshipping God with reference and Godly fear mattered, too, he said. The life one lives should speak of grace, while forgiving others and abhorring evil.

Graceful living, according to Morerod, means extending to others the grace one has received from God. For illustrations of grace, he described Jesus’ death on the cross and God’s displays of mighty power and His foreknowledge of events, yet caring for people.

Closing, Morerod marveled at God’s eternal Kingdom. Then, he sang words written by John Newton. “The earth shall soon dissolve like snow; the sun forbear to shine. But, God who called me here below, will be forever mine.”

Morerod has pastored First Baptist Church of Los Chavez, Belen, for 43 years.

Linda Connell served as a volunteer StoryTeller with the convention’s Information Services Team staff, onsite, at the 2018 BCNM Annual Meeting in Las Cruces. She also serves as a volunteer assignment writer with the Baptist New Mexican, one of the team’s ministries.

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