John Hinze, BCNM president, opened the second business session of the BCNM's 2017 Annual meeting by introducing Committee on Committees Chairman Craig Sundheimer, worship pastor at First Baptist Church, Rio Rancho, to give the committee's report. In turn, Sundheimer introduced the other members of the committee: Al Keeney, pastor of Sierra Vista Baptist Church, Belen; Hayden Smith, pastor of First Baptist Church, Carrizozo; Steven Smith, pastor of University Baptist Church, Portales; and Gavin Vaughan II, pastor of Hermosa Drive Baptist Church, Artesia.

Next, Sundheimer introduced 2017 Resolutions Committee nominees (currently serving): Aaron Colyer, chairman and pastor of First Baptist Church, Roswell; Gary Risley, First Baptist Church, Bloomfield; and Bob Schlauger, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church, Aztec. Sundheimer also introduced the nominees for the 2018 Nominating Committee. Chairman Dan Pearce, First Baptist Church, Texico, Melissa Lamb, First Baptist Church, Santa Rosa, Randy Land, First Baptist Church, Carlsbad, Rob Mayes, First Baptist Church, Raton, and Craig Montroy, First Baptist Church, Bloomfield. Finally, Sundheimer introduced the committee's nominees to the Order of Business Committee: Elio Barrios, Hobbs; Andrew Heath, Roswell; Yvette Moore, Fairacres; and Boyd Morerod, Los Chavez. After asking for questions, Hinze called for a vote. The nominations were adopted.

Executive Committee Chairman Dave McFadden returned to the podium after the introductions to finish the report he began Tuesday afternoon. He explained that by approving this report, messengers will approve both the proposed budget and the proposed bylaw change. Among his comments, he discussed his frustration with inaccurate information about our convention, and declared, “We have a very responsible state staff.” He challenged the churches represented to try to apply the mind-set of the state budget, regarding focus on ministry and missions, to their own church budget. Regarding the recommendations, McFadden said, "I'm enthusiastic about making this recommendation to you."

Yvette Moore, a messenger from Fairacres Baptist Church, near Las Cruces, asked a question to clarify that voting on the budget would also approve the bylaws change. After an affirmative answer, she then asked about the fiscal impact of the bylaws change. BCNM Executive Director Joseph Bunce addressed her question. He discussed the 1975 State Convention meeting in Tucumcari, where Morris Chapman, pastor of First Baptist Church, Albuquerque, at that time, proposed a motion to change the name “State Mission Board” to “State Executive Board” of the Baptist Convention of New Mexico. During the 47 intervening years, Bunce said, circumstances have changed again. Presently, when BCNM staff try to explain their work for the convention, the present wording can become complicated and unclear. Bunce said he thought that returning to the name “State Mission Board” better defines and affirms what the staff does. He also explained that changing the bylaws this year (in 2017) will provide an opportunity for the board and its staff to prepare any needed changes regarding the BCNM's Articles of Incorporation for next year.

Ms. Moore repeated her question about the change's fiscal impact. Bunce said there would be no cost for the change. If enacted, he said, the staff will begin to use this designation. And, next year, the Book of Reports will be printed using the new name.

Gavin Vaughan, pastor and messenger from Hermosa Drive Baptist Church, Artesia, shared from the floor that next year, to change the Articles of Incorporation in Santa Fe, the convention will incur a cost of $25. Another messenger contributed that, “we will just need to communicate to our churches and people [the change in the board's name]." No other questions arose, so Hinze called for a vote. The report, with its actions, was adopted unanimously.

Continuing the business session, Hinze allowed Bunce to recognize Executive Board members whose terms had expired and were rotating off the board. He presented each one with a recognition plaque. He recognized Danny Kirkpatrick, Southeastern Association, Pam Mayes, member of First Baptist Church, Raton; Bryan Nystrom, pastor of Angel Fire Baptist Church; Alan McAlister, former pastor of Central Baptist Church, Clovis; Jared Bridge, pastor of Anchor Church, Albuquerque; and Ty Houghtaling, pastor of First Baptist Church, Artesia.

When Bunce asked those he had recognized if they would like to make a comment, Jared Bridge said, “It was fun. I learned so much about work across New Mexico, and now I feel like part of your family.” Ty Houghtaling commented, “Working with the convention has been very good. The staff has been very good to FBC Artesia. You should all utilize the staff.”

The Nominating Committee presented the final report of the session. Committee Chairman Alan Stoddard, First Baptist Church, Ruidoso, thanked BCNM Executive Ministry Assistant Nancy Faucett for her assistance and thanked Bunce for “helping without trying to run things.” He commented, “I took away from that that I should lead that way as a pastor.” He also praised the new Mission Board, encouraging the churches to “wrap this team around the vision to reach this state” and adding, “This team will need our help.” Then, he announced the upcoming Annual Meeting locations: 2018, Las Cruces; 2019, Portales; and 2020, Albuquerque. His report was adopted with no discussion.

After asking, again, for messengers to bring any items of new business and none being offered, President Hinze introduced McFadden one more time. McFadden asked all the state missionaries to come come to the front of the auditorium for prayer. Hinze led the group prayer time for the BCNM Staff.

The Bloomfield Praise Team returned to the stage, under the direction of Daniel Elias, worship pastor, First Baptist, Bloomfield, and the session continued.

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